Peony Problems: will florist leave me at the altar?

5 May

I would like some peonies and roses in my bouquet for my July wedding.

I love the fluffy texture!

So I’ve gone to six florists to ask about Peonies. Most of them said they won’t be able to buy them in July (out of season) or will have to have them shipped from the Nethlerands for some undisclosed amount of money that is so large, only my firstborn child would suffice as payment. 

But one florist says ordering them is no problem and says she’d charge about $130 for a whole bouquet of them, which is the same as other florists are charging for cheaper flowers. I think she might be too good to be true and will leave me flowerless at the altar. Has anyone bought Peonies out of season? What is the likelihood of actually getting them and how much did they cost?

I don’t know anything about this florist except she is in our city’s “florist row.” About two blocks with at least eight different flower shops.

Peonies and roses mixed together!


I bet these roses would look great with the peonies

I love the peachy colours in this bouquet

One Response to “Peony Problems: will florist leave me at the altar?”

  1. Devin May 9, 2011 at 1:37 am #

    Have you researched wholesale flowers at all? I once ordered hundreds of roses wholesale for a bride. You may be able to buy the flowers yourself & have any florist you choose put them into a bouquet. That way you know for sure whether or not they are available 🙂

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