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Wedding’s over: now onto unwanted baby spam!

27 Jul

We’ve been married for 2.5 weeks. Happy anniversary! And guess what? We’re already getting “why you should/shouldn’t have a baby” spam from the wedding websites. Seriously? We only just got furniture yesterday. I thought you’d at least wait a month and spam me with “you’re going to buy a house” crap first.

They make it sound like if you’ve waited one week into your marriage to conceive your first child, I guess you need to start fertility treatments. Chill out!

The wedding industry is pretty horrid in self promotion. We bought wedding invitations from a website, and the next day we were already getting “buy your thank you cards” spam. I haven’t even received the invites yet, let alone mailed them. How can I buy thank you cards if I don’t know how many people are coming?

Glad we signed up for a “wedding spam only” email address. I very much recommend this. Every time you go to the wedding shows, or sign up for something wedding related, use this email address. I.e. or something of that nature. It really saves your inbox space and your sanity, and once your wedding is over you never have to look at it again.


More travel agent honeymoon fail: safety issues

27 Jul

Dear travel agent

I told you I wanted to book a honeymoon. You suggest a bus tour. Being crammed on a non-air conditioned bus driving through back roads all night along with 50 other people is definitely my idea of romance. Especially when their aroma (rea: body odor) begins wafting through the circulating air.

But you know, maybe your idea of a relaxing honeymoon is different from mine, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. What I won’t put up with is a travel agent that doesn’t know there’s political trouble in Greece. Have you never turned on the TV/Radio/Internet/Newspaper for the last 4 months?!?!

I don’t care if you accept the gift cards we were given and have no other way of spending. We’re still not booking with you, until you get a clue.

Travel agency: think about where I live

23 Jul

Dear three travel agents I’ve tried to deal with to book our honeymoon: 

I live in Toronto. Why are you giving me itineraries that start from Los Angeles? Are you going to drive me there? Takes 3 days.

Miss, Mrs. Ma’am: married names

13 Jul
I got married on the weekend!! 

When I actually get five seconds, I'll tell you all the great details!

But one quick thing I've just noticed:

Before I was married, strangers recently started calling me "Ma'am," which I disliked. 
Got married, they're back to calling me "Miss" again. It took more than $25 grand, but finally, success! lol

Getting married tomorrow!!!

7 Jul

Just said goodbye to Fiance after rehearsal dinner and I started to cry. I’m so excited we’re getting married tomorrow! Weather report is 28 degrees celsius and 31 with humidity. It’s gonna be mega hot under those layers but he’ll be finally mine!

Rude hair salons: I offer you $. Why are you rude?

7 Jul

Hey hair salons,

There’s probably a reason I’m calling you the day before to schedule 4 people to get their hair done. Why do you have to be rude to me because I dare call and try to give you business? I’m just asking whether you have space. It’s not like I told you to cancel your other appointments so don’t talk to me like I did.

Not giving you our money

One day until wedding! Good news all around

7 Jul

My friend is out of the hospital and feeling better!

We’re getting tons of “good luck” and “can’t wait!” messages from our guests!

I’m worried I will cry at our wedding and mess up my makeup, I’m crying just thinking about it (happy tears!)

What do I do to prevent this?