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Bridesmaids dresses that give you hayfever (or make you cry)

31 Mar

Brose Ostrich Feather dress. $725

So I found this link to “tear-free” bridesmaid dresses. Presumably ones that are so awesome, your bridesmaids would feel gorgeous and want to wear them again and again.

Except the first featherduster dress, I’m sure, will have you sneezing up a storm with its featherlicious structure. Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions. I’m sure that ostrich that gave its life for your dress is smiling down on you from animal heaven as it shivers, naked.

(Ok I totally falsified that. Apparently ostriches shed their feathers).

If the hayfever doesn’t make you all puffy and red eyed, the price tags will. What bridesmaid in their right mind would let their bridezilla friend force them to drop nearly $1,000 on a dress? And here I am thinking I’ll just take the girls to David’s Bridal where they can walk out with a cheap dress the same day and not have to deal with the mess of measurements and six month wait times (like my wedding dress).

But I’m sure they’d be much less “teary eyed” over the Moulin Rouge Can Can girl’s headdress you can always wrap around you like a towel. For $725. Just don’t forget to load up on anti-histamine to avoid that black mascara line running down your face. Works for Alice Cooper, not so much for you.

Some feather dresss are ok, this one isn’t.


Wedding creeps closer: invites bought!

30 Mar

This is "Fine Forsythia" from Wedding Paper Divas

Now that our ceremony crisis is sorted out (and we kinda figured out locations for wedding photos), it was time to order invites. So here they are, all the details blurred.

Including a coupon, our invites ended up costing just $3.18 each. Much cheaper than some of the $8 handmade ones around here. Now I would have loved handmade ones, but we couldn’t afford to spend $400 on paper that people will just throw away. We’re computer loving folk, so we don’t really use paper ourselves anymore. I live in Canada, so let’s just hope the border guards don’t slap on huge duties on our order. We really should’ve thought about this beforehand. It better not be more than $50 :S

When fiance lived in the U.S., he once set me a package worth about $50. I had to pay an extra $50 in duty. For my own birthday gift.

It was kind of surreal to click the switch to charge my credit card. I got scared there for a minute.We are that much closer to the actual day and still have a pile of junk to check off the list. But we are that much closer to being happy, so yay!

I have to say, the invites are beautiful and the paper thickness is nice, but this site is not easy to use. If your browser crashes (which happens to me often), you lose all your work and have to start ALL OVER again. They really need to get some cookies. Would be nice to save details in the cart.

A (relatively) wedding junkless weekend is good for the soul

27 Mar

I’ve been whining to fiance for a few weeks that I needed a break from wedding junk. Just a few days to relax from the non-stop phonecalls for a last minute ceremony location, because “I” made every single call alone.

So yesterday we went to Best Buy, bought the Blues Brothers, and spent the night laughing at over-the-top car chases from the 1980s. hahahah. We’ve been meaning to watch it since we saw the original Blues Brothers car at a car museum in rural Illinois, and fiance was mortified that I had never seen the movie before. I really liked it. Here’s a link to one of those police chases, with captions, to show how ridiculous filming this movie was. The really funny part starts at 1:50.

So the wedding-free weekend continues tonight. I bought fiance tickets to see his favorite comedian Jeff Foxworthy for his birthday. Red neck humor isn’t really my thing, but we always have fun together.

I am sad that I couldnt’ see my friends this weekend, who I miss. Fiance has since caught the bronchitis I had post-flu, and one of my friends is pregnant and I want to stay waaay far to avoid infecting her.

Even though we finalized invitation details, it’s so nice to have a relatively wedding-free weekend.

Not unhappy: a nice call from soon-to-be mother in law

26 Mar

So I’ve got something to be happy about!

Saw my soon-to-be mother in law on the weekend and she asked about the designer and style number for my wedding dress. She just called me today to say that she had a look at it on the computer and that she really liked it and she’s excited for me.

How nice is that?! She said she made sure that fiance wouldn’t see the picture, hahaha.

It made me feel better on a day when I was feeling pretty down over all the tiny details we still have to do for the wedding too. Like wedding photo permits…they don’t put that on any of the wedding checklists so the whole ‘you’re checking junk off your list and making progress’ actually ends up being a big fat lie.

Anyway, hopefully she ends up thinking that I look better in my dress than the model haha.

Kids get hooked on weddings early. Baby bridezillas next?

24 Mar

Brainwash early, brainwash often.

I have no experience with brainwashing people, but this seems like it’s a good way to go about it with kids.

Give them toys to condition them into believing that a wedding should be a “fairytale” just like Cinderella. Bridezillas apparently aren’t born. They’re raised. On stuff like this.

A Cinderella-branded wedding dress costume for kids

I had to do a double take when I walked past the Disney Store, then got angry when I saw this. Seriously? I never really played “princess” as a kid. Popstar, model or ballerina was more my thing. But I think it’s ok for kids to play with princess stuff. I get that kids like to wear pretty clothes and jewellery and live in a fancy castle, and that’s totally cool. They’re kids, they should dream and play. But to make them think that they have to have a sparkly wedding to feel special? Why would anyone encourage this. People can feel special with all the other milestones in their life, and if they don’t get married, that’s ok too. What are kids supposed to think when they grow up on stuff like this? Will they really understand the meaning of weddings and marriage or just dream about a dress?

It gets worse! Check out the tag that confirms I wasn’t dreaming and this is in fact a “wedding dress.”

The tag on the kids wedding dress

“Once upon a wedding.” Come on. Linking the classic fairytale opening “once upon a time,” is probably confusing kids to think they are one and the same.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s the accompanying Cinderella doll that was on the shelf next to the costume. You know, when you need to be programmed into believing something but your wedding dress is at the cleaners.

Are we breeding bridezillas here or am I overanalyzing this? Would you buy this for your kid?

Church approves our wedding. Good. Other locations sucked

23 Mar

Exterior shot of our church. Forgot to take photo inside

I make a lot of phone calls in my line of work. I know that the key to getting a hold of someone is to treat their secretary with respect. If you were a secretary, would you connect the rude person or the one that was nice to you?

They hold a lot of power. And can screw you royally.

So as you may know, we’ve been having trouble with the Catholic Church confirming that we could get married there. We had tried to call the priest for four months to find out details, but he never returned our calls.

We met with the priest in person on Sunday. And he is totally cool. He said we can do whatever we want and didn’t scold us for not going to church or demand that we go every week forevermore. “It’s your wedding, make it your own,” was his quote. All that worry for nothing! Dude would let us parade in on elephants if we wanted to. Ok, not really, but you get my point.

The priest said the church changed secretaries recently. When we called back in December, the secretary had told us she pencilled in our day and that the priest would write it in ink once we met with him. Well priest took out the day planner and the entire page was blank! Someone could’ve taken our date! We think our file or something got lost during the secretary switch, which explains why they never returned our calls, because they had no clue who we were.

Anyway, priest said we’re good to go. His only condition is that we go to marriage school. Essentially, the Catholic Church requires you to learn divorce prevention skills. My cousin took this course and said it is non religious at all. Of course, the seemingly mandatory “one year wedding wait” strikes again, as we have to wait until June to do our crash course on a weekend.

So total bill for church rental and course will be about $800, MUCH less than the $1,400 for two hours at a depressing mansion and old school chap we visited over the weekend when we were searching for alternate locations. We didn’t like either of them…

Here’s some pictures so you get what I mean

The mansion we examined for our ceremony. Looks fine outside

But here’s the pleasant greeting you get as soon as you walk in

The depressing, dungeon-like entrance way. A nice welcome to our joyous event!

An old chapel

An old chapel that looks kind of plain on the outside

But the inside looks like a school house from a pioneer movie

I also don't like the "Come ye apart." Aren't weddings the opposite of that?

Anyway, we both thought these suck. Our banquet hall’s garden looks fine, but it is on the side of a very busy road and near the airport so has tons and tons of noise.

You can’t hear the noise in the pictures, but at least it looks nice.

A gazebo in the garden of our banquet hall

And a pretty bridge

Would be perfect for the "here comes the bride" part

So anyway folks, glad this has sorted itself out and we can sleep without having to worry anymore.

Now we can buy our invitations and move onto other headaches!

Ancestor tour honeymoon. Sicily a good idea?

19 Mar

A picture of the beach in Sicily where we used to play as kids

So remember we were talking about French Polynesia for our honeymoon? And how it was so expensive. I think we’d love it because we really like snorkelling and it’s supposed to be some of the best in the world with wild dolphins and types of fish you won’t see anywhere else, but I’ve been quietly trying to convince fiance to go on an ancestor tour.

We’ve talked about going on an ancestor tour for years. My parents are from Sicily. We would go visit my grandparents when we were kids. Some of my fondest memories are racing to the baggage claim at the 1980s beige and brown-chic airport, the grimey yellow fly-protector curtain, and I always remember the smell of my grandfather’s olive green volkswagen mini-bus that took us to the beach house where we made pizza in between playing with fuzzy sea plants that washed up onto the shore.

My grandparents both died a few years ago and I haven’t been able to visit their graves, but I want to.

Fiance’s great grandparents are from Scotland, Romania and Germany. He’s been to Scotland and Germany but never to Romania and I’ve been to none of those places.

Think this could be a great opportunity to learn about our roots while still seeing some glorious parts of Europe. But fiance says it’s probably a trip we want to take once we have kids so we can teach them where their families came from. I can see his argument.

So we’re thinking about what to do. We’ve put off honeymoon organizing since we’re so focused on finding a ceremony location right now but we have to consider whether we want to relax or explore our roots.

Hopefully if we do decide to go to Sicily, all the war planes will be gone from the army base not far from my grandparents’ house. They’re all going to be based there to enforce this “No fly zone” in Libya.

Incidentally, my mom said fighter jets patrolled Sicilian airspace in 1986, flying way low while we toddlers played obliviously on the beach. It probably has to do with this other Moammar Gadhafi issue back them.