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What’s the right amount of time to take off BEFORE the wedding?

6 Jun

Weddings? Who’s got the time?

No wonder I couldn’t find the time to do everything before the wedding. I didn’t take enough time off for two honeymoons just to PREPARE.

I’ve been reading some forum posts about women taking some crazy time off before their weddings. I know you have a ton of stuff to do, but taking two weeks off is a little much. Do you not have to work? What kind of jobs do these people have where they can take so much time off? Do you live in Germany or something where everyone gets 6 weeks vacation every year?

I Googled to get an idea, and just found a bunch of people bragging about all the time off they get at their jobs, whether they be fancy pants or not. But not everyone has this luxury.

Let’s be realistic people. I was allowed to go home early a few days so I could go to dress fittings before the store closed, but the week of the wedding, I only got two days off! And one of those was for the actual wedding, which was on a Friday.

I planned to go back to work on Monday morning but decided to return Tuesday. We still had people in town from California, Italy and Switzerland who were here and why should I return to work when people paid good money to come here for our wedding?

And I didn’t even get time off for a honeymoon until I was laid off 3 months after the wedding anyway. Happy wedding gift from them!

We would have loved to take some time off before the wedding to do things we needed to do. We had a load of stuff left to do because we planned it all in five months (We had to write off the two months I was sick). We could have had better wedding favours, fancier centrepieces, and other goodies, but we just didn’t have the time. And that’s ok because it turned out great.

How much time do you think is “reasonable” to take off before the wedding? Obviously, destination weddings require more time, since you have to travel and have your honeymoon there, which is totally cool, so let’s just talk about weddings at home.

My advice: Keep all last-minute details to a minimum to de-stress, and try not to let curious people get to you. You don’t need people asking what is still left to do on your list.  You know that you 10,000 things left, so do you really need constant reminders of the fact you’re knee deep in errands and don’t have time off work to get it all done?