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Too funny: Royal Wedding frowning flower girl

30 Apr

This doesn't even need words. LOL suffices.


I’m tired but had to blog this last one before going to bed.

Saw a photo of William and Kate kissing and then this little flower girl frowning like a troll diverted my attention.  It’s freaking hilarious. Grace Van Cutsem is 3 and is Prince William’s goddaughter. It seems like the hysteria in the crowd outside Buckingham Palace was too much for her little, sensitive ears. What a contrast to the other smiling flower girl in the photo! I think their official title is “bridsmaids” though.

I went back to the original site where I saw ths photo and they had cropped the kid out. Why would you crop out pure, unscripted comic gold! 

Me loves the photoshopping Grace into other, unrelated photos! Watch out, Donald Trump might fire her.

This link gives a good rundown of the online chatter about the now infamous kid. There’s now even a caption contest on Huffington post.


It took less than 24 hours to knock off Kate Middleton’s wedding dress

29 Apr
Kate Middleton Alexander McQueen wedding dress knock off as seen in an eBay photo. As of 11:30 p.m. EST, it was selling for US$300.

UPDATE May 1: Looks like designerJane Yeh in New Zealand has done the knockoff in less than 12 hours! Click on that link for details.

Does anyone need a replica of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress this quick?

The Royal Wedding hasn’t even been over for 24 hours and you can already get a knockoff  Alexander McQueen wedding dress on eBay that supposedly looks like the one the new Duchess of Cambridge wore just this morning.

As of 11:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (same as New York), it has one bid for US$300 with money going to a botanical garden in Pittsburgh.

How much would you pay for a knockoff royal wedding dress? This one was copied and produced in just hours by that city’s ballet’s costume designer. That’s super fast considering my wedding gown is taking six months to arrive!

The Pittsburgh ballet beat this guy and well-known designer Jim Hjelm who said they’d have the dress copied in days.

It was only a matter of *short* time. Kate’s engagement dress or Princess Diana/Duchess Catherine’s engagement ring are all readily available in replica form.

Here’s a side view of the Pittsburgh dress.


Here’s a screenshot of the eBay sale page so you can still see it when the auction ends.

Your Royal Wedding verdict?

29 Apr

What did you think about Kate Middleton’s the new Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding  dress?

I liked it overall, but thought the deep V looked a little weird. Her dress looks a lot like mine actually…a LOT. Take away the lace at the top and its my wedding dress. I’m kinda sad about it.  Especially because I searched for months to find it and now they’re going to be mass produced.

But I think Kate’s dress looks a lot more like the dresses of Grace Kelly and Ivanka Trump before her. If you can afford a custom made Alexander McQueen wedding dress Kate Middleton, you can afford to get something that is more you, you know?

I’ll post later when I’ve watched the entire thing, but let me know what you thought of the Royal Wedding.

And funny how even though The Royal Wedding is over, we’re still talking about it. Because of the overkill.

What did you think?

I woke up at abot 6:30 a.m. bleary-eyed  and watched them exchange vows for 3 minutes, then went back to sleep. Boy, did Kate Middleton and Prince William seem unhappy. Not a smile during that exchange of one ring. I know you agree because I got some Google hits from that search term. Maybe Wills and Kate were just sick of all this planning and huge guest list. I know I am.

I am witholding  judgement on the royal wedding though because I didn’t see the whole thing, and especially not that second kiss everyone is talking about. If you live in Canada, Global will air a rerun of the Royal Wedding at 9 p.m. tonight.

If you can’t wait, the video above hah a one minute Royal Wedding highlight reel.

Kate Middleton at a hotel and Prince William has to work through wedding rehearsal?

29 Apr

OMGWTF BBQ!!!!!  Only two hours until the Royal Wedding coverage begins!

Kate is staying at the fancy Goring hotel, the day before her wedding?!


You’d think she’s from a loaded family and was marrying into a royal family or something.

Wait…. Yeah. This isn’t a surprise. Thanks for the breaking news there.

But what IS surprising? Prince William couldn’t even get out of work to attend his own wedding rehearsal!? Isn’t he supposed to be the King, (AKA boss) of England one day? He should learn to put his foot down. Or maybe he’s annoyed with the royal wedding overkill too lol!

Anyway, I’m not staying up until 3 a.m. to watch it. I actually have to WORK tomorrow. Besides, it’s going to be all over every channel, website, magazine and poster for the next 2 months. I’m sure I’ll be exposed to it at some point Friday. I do want to see her dress though, but I’m sure I’ll turn on the morning show and it’ll be all they’re talking about.

Especially because I have to go to a hotel (for work) that will be wrapping up a royal wedding viewing party breakfast by the time I get there.

Besides the TV stations are doing royal wedding reruns at 9 p.m., I’ll just watch it on MY time.

Merry sleep and cheerio and all that, my peeps! Don’t lose too much sleep over something that will be on mega loop the entire day!

Salon bills: Another reason brides lose their minds

28 Apr

And God said, “Pity the Bridezillas for they shall inherit the debt.”

How can you NOT become a bridezilla after seeing a $1,500 hair and makeup bill? My eyes popped out of my face when I did the salon math at a place that had been recommended to me.

Bride hair and makeup “test” -$225

Actual day of hair and makeup $350

TOTAL for the poor bride alone: $575

But everyone is demanding I get bridesmaids. Let’s say I pick 3, plus my mom. At $65 each for their hair, and an extra $75 for their makeup, that’s $560.

NOTE: FOUR people cost less than the bride does. Wedding tax strikes again.

Of course, I would feel bad making these people pay for themselves, so I’d pay for it. Total bill for everyone: $1,135. But don’t forget the 13 % tax we have here. That’s $1,282.

And you need to tip the hairdresser at least 15%. $1,474.93.

That’s more on makeup and hair than my wedding dress. And this is at the cheap salon. *cry*

Moral of the story: get an independent contractor and go to a neighbourhood salon

Royal wedding overkill 2: the statistics and underwear

26 Apr


Kate Middleton has to walk a whole FOUR MINUTES down the aisle at her wedding. THE HORROR!!! The news was complaining that she should get comfortable shoes. Poor thing. Imagine all the blisters she could get in 240 seconds.

In Canada and the U.S., we are getting BOMBARDED with Royal Wedding stuff. Moreso than England. We’re getting double the wedding junk that the Brits themselves are getting. Here’s proof.  And the Brits seem to be more interested in going on vacation than staying in town for the royal wedding.

So folks, the Royal wedding is this week. If you’re going to freak out about it, this is the time to do it. Not six months ago like the North American media did.

Dear newspaper: Do you really think people are going to sign up for your royal wedding wakeup call service? I bet a bunch of kids are going to sign up their friends for a nice 3 a.m. wakeup call prank. Smart. Since when did you become the Monarchist League?

This whole media circus is why I would hate to be a princess. Sure you get to wear a lot of bling, eat expensive food and go on extravagant trips, but you really get no peace.

You know what happened to Diana right? The paparazzi chased her to the point where her car crashed and she died.

Anyway, I kind of feel sorry for Kate Middleton.

I saw a headline yesterday about her going shopping for underwear. Are you kidding? The woman can’t even buy intimates without you flashing in her face? I wonder how many people actually clicked on that link.  I’m giving it to you here because I believe people should read things for themselves,  but it doesn’t mean I approve of it. Incidentally, I learned about this from a Canadian newspaper that republished the underwear article. It has since removed it from their website. Probably got a ton of hate mail.

Imagine your face plastered all over tea bags, a doll that looks like you, or as my mom who works in a store found yesterday, a credit card with your engagement picture on it. That’s right, your royal subjects can swipe your face when they’re buying chips at the convenience store. Some British tourist had one and bought men’s Chino pants with them.

By the way, is the poor woman not eating? She looks dangerously thin. Dear Kate, you don’t have to be bridorexic to please others! But it seems she’s been this skinny for a while. This link is from 2007 and shows the difference. Weight criticism is another reason why I’d hate to be a princess.

Mailed wedding invitations! Avoided Kate Middleton’s face

25 Apr
Our invitations!

It’s Easter Monday but I managed to find an open post office today and sent our invites packing! I made sure to slip each envelope into the mailbox one by one as I gave them one last look to make sure we didn’t forget anything.

It was pretty exciting. I had to take these pictures of every detail.

Didn’t fiance do a gorgeous job with the envelopes?  He’s a math guy and doesn’t have the patience for creativity, but he came up with this envelope design all on his own with no proding to work on it. I guess he is excited too. I love him so much!

I hope these invitations help our guests join in our excitement.

Canada Post is on fire BTW. Check out the pretty stamps we got.

This is the “celebration stamp” for domestic postage in Canada:

  And here are the stamps to U.S.A. and International destinations:


What could be better than a cuddly baby fox and polar bear? The kissing bunnies we’re going to use for our thank you notes:

That’s right. We’ve got cute and cuddlies galore in the Great  White North and we share them with the world in our snail mail.

Note we did not plaster another couple’s face on our invites. Yes, Canada Post has Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding stamps too.