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How did you find your wedding makeup artist?

31 May

How did you decide on a makeup artist?

I am so paranoid about finding the right makeup artist. I mean, its my face and its gonna be in all the pictures, and I want to look nice on my wedding day.

My own close friends who have gotten married have all had out of town weddings and had their makeup done there, so I can’t get a personal recommendation for someone in town who I KNOW does bridal makeup. I don’t want someone’s random friend who has never done brides before. Stuff comes out differently in photos and I’d feel more comfortable if I know they have experience with that.

 One coworker recommended someone who did a great job on her, but his salon is out of the way.

A friend recommended a makeup artist who recommended her friend. She’s a makeup artist at the Ritz Carlton, who will come to me. She costs the same price as the salons and is available on my day. Should I trust a makeup artist that I don’t have a direct reference for? She she said specializes in brides, but her website is under construction and has minimal bride photos. It’s a lot of magazine models with weird makeup (which is normal for magazines). If she’s good enough for the Ritz, she should be good enough for everyone, right?

My concern is that she uses some really industrial, never-comes-off-your-face makeup and I don’t want to feel fake. She also said that any women who stand around me and don’t wear her special makeup will turn up weird in photos so they’d all need to get $125 jobs done. I can’t ask bridesmaids to spend that kind of money…so I’d just end up paying. I guess it’s steal cheaper than those crazy salon bills.

I know I can do a bridal trial but $150 is a lot to drop on just the test run so I want to make sure I don’t have to keep trying with a different artist.

How did you find your makeup artist? What would you suggest?


More crazy pills….Banquet hall

31 May

Unhappy Bride to Banquet hall: “Can we go into the banquet hall the day before to decorate it? We are getting married on a Friday and assume no one will be using it on Thursday or Wednesday. Can we go in then?”

 Banquet hall to Unhappy Bride: “If there are no functions booked you can come in the night before.” The end.

Really? What did I say to you in my email? Do you plan on telling me whether someone else is using the freaking room or not? How about actually answering the question? Answering the phone would be nice too.


Mail strike and chasing people for wedding RSVP

31 May

Dear guest,

We invited FIVE people from your family. Why have you not responded? And why are you dodging our emails? Why do I have to go through your brother and your parents who still can’t find you? Canada Post is going on strike.

If you don’t want to come, or can’t come, that’s totally cool, really, but don’t leave us hanging like this.


People are complaning about our gift registry

29 May

So I’m hearing that people are complaining there isn’t enough selection on our wedding gift registries. Remember, I don’t like them, and the ONLY reason we signed up is because people DEMANDED we do so.

We’ve gone to stores about six times to add things and it was very hard and took a long time. It’s hard to sign up for things you already have, or don’t want, or don’t know you need yet because you  haven’t found a place to live yet with one month left to go.

We’ve already signed up for stuff we don’t need, and really don’t have time to go back and sign up for a melon baller. Considering the smell of melon makes me want to throw up, (literally) and fiance doesn’t like them, its probably not a good idea.

There’s a total of 46 items on one registry, and 45 on the other.

Prices range from $2.95 to $329 and there’s lots of different price ranges in between.

I know they are just trying to get us something nice that we want, but I don’t understand how people can say there isn’t enough selection.

Especially when the #1 reason they shouldn’t complain is: only THREE things have been bought.

There’s still 88 other items to choose from.

Going postal (strike)!! Please return those RSVP cards NOW

25 May


Man mailing a letter

Please do what this guy is doing and mail your RSVP cards before a potential postal strike!

We mailed out invites a while ago. Six weeks to be precise.

We got a lot of replies right away, but suddenly two weeks ago, that stream of replies stopped. We are still missing replies from 55 per cent of the guest list! There are 5 business days left until they are due. A lot of them are seniors so they don’t use email or anything like that so they will be sending by mail.

I will join the chorus of brides who complain about how long it takes for people to reply. We even pre-stamped the envelopes!  These people live on the other side of town! People on the other side of the world replied before they did. 

The only reason I’m antsy about this is that Canada Post could go on strike as early as Monday! That’s only two business days. If those people don’t mail their card TODAY, it could be caught in mail bag limbo and we might not get it until after we’re married. 

So now that people still haven’t mailed their  cards, with less than a week to go, we’ll have to make a ton of phonecalls when we are away at Catholic marriage preparation camp.

I.e., we are confined at some retreat centre in the country and aren’t allowed to leave. I somehow doubt we can sneak in phonecalls. How will we make the calls? 

I’m gonna start bugging people tonight. Dear readers, anyone else have replies come in at the deadline (or past the deadline?)

Violin and Harp vs. Organ wedding music showdown

25 May

We’re going to book musicians for our wedding ceremony this week.

We’ve narrowed it down to a violin and harp duo, or organ. I was pro violin (I played it for a few years) but now I’m thinking “when is the next time we’ll ever have an organ playing for us?” And it sounds pretty pomp and circumstancy.

Fiance is leaning towards violin but said he doesn’t care that much. Here’s some samples so you can hear our dilemma. For the entrance music, I prefer violin/harp. For the exit, I prefer church organ. LOL. Of course.

Here comes the bride, or Wagner’s Bridal Chorus

File with harp and 2 violins (couldn’t find a single).


There goes the married couple, or Mendelsson’s Wedding March

Violin and Harp:


You sell the engagement ring, but not the required matching wedding band?

24 May

The wedding band that matches my engagement ring

The title says it all.

Fiance bought me an engagement ring with a band that is not a typical shape. It needs the matching band to fit properly because it is kind of pointy.

The photo of the band is above.

We went to the store (Tiffany’s) a few months ago to put in our orders for our bands. Fiance’s would be easy to find, but they said they’d have to call around at all their locations to see where they could find one for me because yellow gold isn’t popular anymore. The store said they’d call us back in about a month when they arrived. After 6 weeks, with no call,  fiance got antsy and we drove over there to find out what was going on.

Good thing he insisted we go. Turns out they never processed our order. There was no record of our request for either of our bands.

This is when we learned that the only wedding band that goes with my ring is actually discontinued in yellow gold.

Yes, they sell the yellow gold engagement ring with the non-standard shape, but they don’t sell the matching wedding band. The clerk was actually the one that pointed out how dumb this is.

So I pretty much need the matching band or I can never wear my engagement ring with it. I guess they assume you won’t get married and the engagement ring is enough? Ha!

The lady who was helping us was horrified. I think she was more worried than we were. She told us to take a walk around the mall for an hour and come back. We did and she said she had located a ring for me, two sizes too big, but the right shape. And by some holy miracle, the ONE ring they had in all of North America happened to be at their other location in town. *Phew*

I went down there the next day to sort everything out and so they could shrink the size.  They said they’d call me in 6 business days. It’s been 7. Methinks I should swing by tomorrow just to make sure everything is fine. I won’t believe it until the ring is in my hands lol.