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How a crinoline saved my life. Bought a wedding dress!

31 Jan

So as you may know, I had to buy a wedding dress today or it would not come in time for my wedding in July.

I was kind of sad about it. I was buying this dress because I had to get something, not because I was awestruck by it.

Anyway, my mom today in a stroke of genius suggested I try it on with a puffier crinoline. (A crinoline is a kind of underskirt made of tulle to make the skirt stick out more).

So we head to the dress store and sit and wait for an hour because we didn’t have an appointment. I was ok with this though, because I wanted to see if there was any way to be happy with it before I put down money.

What bothered me about the dress was how it kind of sank in on itself at the sides, which make it look like my hips are much bigger than they are. But when I tried it on with a huge crinoline, the part that bothered me vanished.

I was sold. I only wish someone had recommended the puffier crinoline sooner, and I would’ve avoided the eight dress stores in three months.

Unbonus: Had to put down all but $400 as a deposit.

Bonus: store was having 15% off!

So looks like there’s something this Unhappy Bride has to be happy about.

Anyway, I’d post a photo, but fiance reads this blog, so I can’t!

Regardless, I’ve still got a lot of beefs about the wedding industry, and some manufacturers, and will be sure to keep posting about them as I get more time.


Why does no one smile in wedding photos?

30 Jan

Maybe its just me, but a lot of my Facebook friends who post their wedding photos are NOT smiling in them.

Why are you so serious? You should be happy you will spend your life with a person you love (and all your wedding planning junk is over)!

I remember growing up in the 80s and seeing pictures of serious models. I remember actually wiping smiles off my face when I saw a camera pointed at me because that’s what I thought everyone was supposed to do, since the models did it.

There are no childhood pictures of me smiling, and I regret that, because it makes me think that I had a bad childhood, which I didn’t at all. That doesn’t happen anymore. Good luck finding a picture of me NOT smiling.

Anyway people, I think you should smile on your wedding day, because you are happy you’re entering a different chapter in your life, with someone you love. And if that’s not a good enough incentive, you should at least try to get your money’s worth from your $3,000 photographer.

I’m not crazy or picky re: wedding dresses. Here’s proof

29 Jan

So, for much of this blog, I’ve been ranting about how I hate every wedding dress I’ve tried on.

Now I want to show you a real-life example of what I’ve been looking for this whole time, not only so you understand, but to reassure myself that I’m not a bridezilla.

I love the dress Jessica Simpson wore at her first wedding.

Clean, flattering lines in the skirt. But it still has embellishment in the fabric so it isn’t just plain. Cinched in the waist (which is my best feature). The skirt flares out at the right angle.

To make this my perfect dress, I’d like the neckline to be softer, less pointy. Maybe sparkle instead of the embroidery.

Apparently, a dress similar to this is too much to ask for. This simple, classic design that transcends time periods is IMPOSSIBLE to get. Trust me, designers’ websites don’t have anything like this. I’ve gone to EIGHT different wedding dress stores in this city. None of them have anything like this. Each store says “sorry, its out of style, should’ve gotten married two years ago.” I’ve tried to see what other stores have, but they have nothing remotely like this. It’s not fun going to so many stores only to be shown dresses that look exactly the same, regardless of the designer.

Going from store to store, I feel like I’m being picky or unreasonable. But am I really ridiculous if I expect at least ONE designer to have a dress that is traditional instead of ugly.?

I blame wedding dress designers who charge $2,000 for dresses that are all copies of each other. No one deviates from the same designs over and over. Because of you, designers with no originality, who insist on ruffles and frills that consume me and look awful, I can’t feel beautiful on my wedding day.

Decided on a dress, even if I don’t like it

28 Jan

So, I need to buy a wedding dress tomorrow or it won’t come in time for my wedding.

And I’ve decided on one that I don’t completely like, that is in a style that I like very much, but it doesn’t look good on me. It makes me look like a size 14. I’m a size 8.

Anyway I have to buy it and that’s the way it is. It was one of the first ones that I tried on, but I’m still not happy with it.

We’ve been talking about getting married for five years. Guess all that patience means I don’t even get to wear a dress that I feel good in.

Customer service don’t: How to lose $1,500

27 Jan

So remember I said I’d given up dress shopping and was going to pick the best of the worst? Well I guess I lied. I was perusing some websites and saw that a local store had just received a dress I’ve been looking for since before Christmas.

I had been there before and thought they were rude, but made the appointment anyway because this is the only place that has this dress. Last time they were annoyed that I was 15 minutes EARLY for my appointment, even though I was patiently reading a magazine while waiting and didn’t demand any sort of service until the scheduled appointment time.

So I get there and they make me fill out a form and wait.

Sales girl is nice, brings me the dress I wanted to see plus two more. I liked the one that I came for. She wanted to bring me more. I described what I wanted (natural waistline) and she said none of that is in style this year. It’s all ruffles and if you don’t like them you’re stuck, and that’s really stupid, she said. Sounds familiar.

Anyway, I only tried on three dresses, when some manager lady knocks on the door and says “your hour is up, I need this room.” READ: “Get out.”

Like I said, they had made me wait, cutting into what was supposed to be my hour long appointment. Then they let me only try on 3 dresses and made me leave? How is that an hour? I don’t think we were in there for even 20 minutes. It is an hour-long return trip to get to this place.

Salesgirl seemed unhappy, considering she was about to bring me one more dress she thought I’d like. Which I’ll never get to see now because I need to order a dress this week.

Anyway, manager’s rudeness lost my dress purchase.

If this ends up being my dress I will go out of my way to call every store that carries this designer, and ask them to order it, even though they don’t carry the sample in store. It’s not like this store helped me find the dress anyway. I’ve been looking for it for months.

EDIT: forgot to mention that I had to wait a week to get the appointment at all. Have already blacklisted this store to my friends getting married and they are sure not getting any business from my mom or my bridesmaids.

EDIT #2 About a week later, I got a really apologetic phonecall from the consultant who was helping me. She said there was some kind of mixup and that the supervisor lady didn’t want me to leave, just wanted me to leave that particular room. Either way WTF. There were plenty of other empty rooms, what was so special about that one? Anyway, she said that the staff ran after us once they realized their mistake to tell us to come back. I don’t believe this, because it took us a while to put our winter boots back on, and we were looking at mother of the bride dresses for quite some time before we actually left.

EDIT #3  now that we’re married and we’re naming names, this store was Ritche in Toronto.

Already regretting this wedding

26 Jan

I’m upset. I don’t want to spend $1,500 on a dress that I hate.

In light of the fact that I must now purchase a wedding dress that I don’t like, (it won’t come in time unless I buy it this week, and I hate everything), I am majorly regretting having a big wedding at all.

I mean, it is small by other standards (80 people), but I am thinking what is the point in spending all this money on an entire big wedding and expensive dress I don’t even like, when we could go to city hall and have a kickass honeymoon with that money instead. Can’t back out now as we’d lose $4,000 in deposits.

We really only wanted about 60 people at our wedding anyway, but got stuck with the 80 minimum.

Anyway, I hate having to spend about $1,500 on a dress that I don’t even want to wear, when I could buy a cheap dress I don’t like and wear it to city hall. Stupid me, I should’ve looked into getting a dress custom made, but it’s too late. I’m just going to have to live with this regret.

EDIT nevermind, just did some Googling and looks like custom made doesn’t exist in my city for less than $4,000. *Sigh*

Is this Dairy Queen or a wedding dress?

25 Jan

Thought I’d show you a picture of a soft-serve ice cream cone dress I tried on by mistake.

There is no way looking at this on the hanger prepared me for the end result.

See what I’m up against? lol. This dress was like $1,500 BEFORE tax and alterations!!

I guess it’s an appropriate shape though. I mean Sarah MacLachlan DID say “your love is better than ice cream.”