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It’s bridal show season! Part 1 of 2. How to score bargains

6 Jan
Canada's Bridal Show

A model shows off a wedding dress on the catwalk at Canada’s Bridal Show in Toronto in January 2011.

Hunting season has begun! With the holidays being a hot time for people to get engaged, it’s no wonder wedding shows use January as their prime season to target those sparkly-eyed brides excited about planning their upcoming nuptials.

We went to about 6 shows all over the Greater Toronto Area so we became veterans of this exhausting circuit. Seriously, you will be overwhelmed and tired, but it’s well worth going to score some money-saving deals.  Sure, you walk around meeting endless vendors, picking up heavy brochures, filling out prize ballots, watching fashion shows, and testing out limos. Everything will start looking the same.  But you do at least get a sweet reward when you go to the bakery booths and get to taste wedding cakes!

Here is the first of a two part series: How to find deals at the bridal show. Next instalment will be a survival guide!

  • Some wedding shows are free. Others make you pay. Some are free for brides only, but since they don’t ask you to prove whether you’re getting married, if all your friends and even your mom are conveniently brides too *wink wink* they will also get in for free. Your fiance will have to pay, unfortunately (ridiculous)
  • Paying to get into a wedding show sounds dumb, but going can help you save HOURS of Googling and phone time by exposing you to hundreds of vendors all at once. You can get a general idea about pricing, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you can snag some deals there too.

Here’s how to save money through the wedding expos:

  • Be an early bird. Look at the bridal show websites in advance. They often have a $5 off discount or 2 for 1 admission coupons. I have seen Canada’s Bridal Show in Toronto do this several times.  If you buy online, you can skip the lines which can be brutal. (We once waited 1 hour just to get in!)
  • Wait until the show to open a wedding registry. The big department stores give you some kind of incentive for signing up for a registry at the show. When we signed up, The Bay, Home Outfitters and Sears were offering $10 gift cards and entering couples into draws for thousands of dollars in appliances. If you’re going to sign up for a registry anyway, you might as well wait for the show, and get $10 bucks for it, right? And bonus if you win a food processor!
  •  Don’t spend a dime on bridal magazines or planners. You will get about 4 issues of popular ones for free at these shows. In Canada you usually get the fall and winter issues of both ‘Today’s Bride” and “Weddingbells” and “Wedluxe,” not to mention wedding magazines specifically for your region.  These can go for as much as $7 each.  Collecting these on your way out of the show can potentially save you up to $45.
  • Look for the wedding show specials. If you find vendors you like, check if they offer a “wedding show special.” We were very close to booking a particular photographer, but we saw that they had a “wedding show special” of a free photo album. We were going to book with them anyway, so it was nice to get a little bonus for signing up within a few weeks of the wedding show. This bonus was worth $600!
  • Look for cheap accessories: If you know exactly what kind of accessories you want, buy them at the show. Shoe and jewelry vendors often do clearance sales at wedding shows. We saw bride and bridesmaid shoes for $20 and bridesmaid dresses on for $30 (these can cost $200). So if you don’t care if you get last season’s shoes, and your bridesmaids don’t want identical dresses, you can snag a great deal.
  • Look for freebies. I got a free garter, some feather boas for the bachelorette party, and bridal organizers that totally saved my butt a few times. These organizers are gold. They’re like day planners, and they have handy checklists and give you tips on what you should do, and when, when planning a traditional wedding. You can buy them for $20 at the bookstore, but why should you when you can get it for free at the show?

Anyway ladies, I wish you luck at the wedding conventions! They can be exhausting but they’re a great way to save money.

Models at the fashion shows show off everything from gowns, hair and makeup vendors, shoes, and even bouquets like this one.

Some wedding shows in the Toronto area: Canada’s Bridal Show. The Total Wedding Show. The Wedding Co. Show. The Wedluxe Wedding show, the National Bridal Show.

Next instalment: a wedding show survival guide


Wedding vendors! Call the heck back!

24 Jun

I am chasing down two wedding vendors, 14 days before my wedding. I have to work too, by the way. I don’t get lunch breaks to go ram down people’s doors.

Collectively, these vendors are costing us $5,000.

Both of them said to call them 2 weeks before the wedding to finalize details. I’ve been calling them for a week. I don’t care if its wedding high season, you should’ve told me to call you before two weeks if you knew you’d be overwhelmed. We still have to organize other crap depending on what you say! We don’t have a wedding planner. We’re not made of money and you took a sizeable chunk of it.

Where’s the customer service?! If someone gave me $5Gs, I’d be making them dinner and shining their shoes to make sure they’d be happy.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for taking money and then disappearing. How are we supposed to know if you’re even showing up at our wedding if you don’t answer your phone?

I chase people down on the phone for a living and am used to people not calling me back, but I have never dealt with anything like the smug, entitled attitude of the wedding industry.  Have some common courtesy and customer service sense. Happy customers spread the word to all their friends.

You cost thousands. Have the courtesy to hit the reply button!

22 Jun

Adding to my long to-do list:

Chasing after our photographer team.

Dude said he’d call us two weeks before the wedding to figure out our photo permits and “must take” pictures. Well I had to call him. And now he’s not answering. It’s been three days. Give us the freaking courtesy of replying when we have to call city hall and beat other people to permit time slots.

Got my wedding dress! It smells like fish. How to get the stank out?

8 Jun

My wedding dress smells like fish

I picked up my wedding dress today! I can’t show you a picture because Fiance reads this blog.

The dress is nicer than I remember it, and looks better because its the right size and the only alterations it needs is the length! My mom’s going to do it. And my mom paid for the whole dress. Her wedding gift to me is my beautiful dress, and  she will sew beading on herself!

I tried the dress on at the store and was happy with it. There’s only one problem: It smells like fish. The stink made me sneeze.

The wedding dress store said all the dresses come from China. It doesn’t matter that the designer is from Australia (like mine), or that other designers come from Europe. The dresses all come from China anyway.

The fishy smell has to do with some kind of pesticide that is put on Chinese wedding dresses when they’re shipped to avoid transporting bugs.

So anyway, what do I do to get the stink out? There’s some suggestions at those links above. I don’t want to febreze it because I’m scared it might stain. I’ve got it hanging outside the bag to air it out in the meantime.

Anyone else had a stinky dress?

EDIT::  I eventually got the smell out by just airing the dress out. I took it out of the garment bag and hung it up and it was smelling fresh after about a week. It did stink up the house but at least I wasn’t stinky on the wedding day! I wouldn’t suggest putting any Febreze-type fabric freshener on it, because it could ruin the material. I know you’re anxious but just let it air out, it really goes away on its own!

Seriously? You lost our papers. Fix it. We can’t deal with it

6 Jun

So remember that appointment that took 4 months to get with the Catholic Church?

Might as well have never happened. They lost our papers.

Now they want us to head there at 3 p.m. on a weekday. Like regular people, we work. How is this going to happen? How DID this happen? Why is it so hard for these people? Luckily they didn’t lose our marriage licence or there’d be hell to pay.

So seriously, how am I going to do this? We BOTH have to go. Fiance lives in another city.

This weekend he is in Boston for his rescheduled bachelor party.

The weekend after that we are going to the Catholic marriage preparation course. I had to give up the bachelorette party I wanted to do this requirement and they won’t marry us unless we do this.

The weekend after that is my second choice bachelorette party.

The weekend after that we move into our new place.

The weekend after that is our wedding.

Please, church, are you going to pay me to take a day off work because you couldn’t figure out our paperwork that it took you months to even do?

Looks like I have to cancel that bachelorette now. Who loses again!? It’s bridezilla.

And I was so excited that we were almost done the major things and I was going to be picking up my dress tomorrow.

Urge to become bridezilla rising. Either lie to me, or stop criticizing!

8 May
Does our wedding favor look cheap?

Our now fully paid for wedding favor: View from above

I am really sick of criticism.

I write this blog so I can inform people about the perilous nature of wedding planning and how it will drive you insane, but it’s also a way to vent. Free therapy.

I try not to mention my wedding stuff to people offline, but when they ask me stuff, I can’t just ignore them. I have to answer.   I tend to be unenthused. Especially when they ask me about bridesmaids.

But sometimes I’m happy about a decision and just want to share a wedding win with them. Something that I’m actually glad about that I managed to check off the list or whatever.

Our wedding favor (bomboniere in Italian) was one of these things.

I wanted something decorative but Fiance made the good point that everyone’s home decor is different. We were out of town for my friend’s wedding and saw this dish on sale. It’s lightweight and white so it goes with everything, and can work as either a candy dish or a mini-casserole or whatever. They were similar to other ones that pushy salesladies were throwing at us at a wedding price gouging store for $8 each and these were on sale for less. We bought them up and drove them home for an hour. Showed two people separately so they’re independent opinions. BOTH conversations went like this:

Unhappy Bride: “Look at this wedding favor! Isn’t it great? I’m so happy we can check it off the list.

Criticizers: “It looks like it costs $1. And $1 would be too much for that. You should have put more research into your decision.”

Thanks. I guess six months weren’t enough and now I feel great about giving these away and looking cheap.  Why can’t you just lie to me about it and make me feel better?

Wedding planning is awesome. Each day I grow more and more towards pulling my hair out, stuffing my face to obesity, or running off to Niagara Falls to get married and just leaving this all behind. But as this stuff continues, I start identifying the bridezillas I’ve constantly poked fun at in this blog. How can you listen to constant criticism, and grapple with people only out to make your life harder, or price gouge you, with more examples here, here and here and NOT want to scream like a bridezilla?

Here's a picture of it from the side


EDIT: Thanks to the lovely tweeters @AandBEvents and @beccalowery who suggested adding a recipe and candy along with the ribbons! We plan Jordan Almonds, or wedding “Confetti” an Italian tradition that represents  health, happiness, long life, fertility and prosperity.

Dear wedding people: get yourselves together!!!!

6 May

Sometimes I feel like I am taking crazy pills. Why can’t people pick up the damn phone when it is their job to do it?! If I don’t pick up the phone at work, I get fired. Why haven’t you?

Dear lady who has to set up our wedding rehearsal:

It was really nice talking to you two weeks ago. Too bad it took me a month to get a hold of you. When we talked, you said you’d get back to me confirming the church was available for the time we wanted. Two weeks later and I have to basically harass you once a day in hopes you’ll give me a simple answer.

How hard is this? We can’t finalize stuff because you won’t call us. You are holding up:

  • Decorations
  • Rehearsal dinner booking and invitations
  • Readings and Music choices (it’s Catholic so we need permission)
  • Hiring of musicians
  • Dress code questions

You are causing us mega stress and I can’t put down the cookies because of you. Thanks for calling my voicemail today and clogging it up with your endless message ranting about flower delivery times. That would be great, if we were having any. BUT WE’RE NOT.  You still didn’t answer my questions.


And I hate nothing more than email conversations with wedding vendors that make no sense: Here’s the “I ignore your question” tactic:

Unhappy Bride: Will you work at my wedding and how much do you cost?

Vendor: We will work and it will be fabulous!

Unhappy Bride: Sure, but how much do you cost? What is the minimum time we’d need to book you for?

Vendor: “We will arrive early.”  Then he gives a big long answer justifying why they need to get there early but won’t say how early they”ll arrive or how much they’ll charge us.


OR there’s the “I don’t bother offering you another suggestion even though you’re paying me to do so:”

Unhappy Bride: I really don’t want to take pictures in place X you recommended because it:

a) looks like a dungeon,

b) it is literally around the corner from my workplace. 30 seconds away. I really can’t spend the limited time we have for photos talking to coworkers on their way back from the pizza or burrito joint holding a greasy bag.

c) You think it will be easy taking pictures at the subway station nearby at 4 p.m. on a Friday. Are you insane?  The subway is already a sardine can when I take it at 6: 30 a.m. You clearly don’t live in the same city I do.

Vendor: You should really get your pictures taken in place X. If you don’t like that suggestion, google some ideas.

*Unhappy Bride had already googled, but googles again, then asks whether vendor would have any issues with the new ideas.*

Vendor: These are bad locations. Have you thought about having your pictures in place X (the same place as before)?

Unhappy Bride *Insert screams here*  I am starting to identify with bridezillas. How can you not scream when you have to deal with this circle of crazy?

How do I handle this?