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How did you find your wedding makeup artist?

31 May

How did you decide on a makeup artist?

I am so paranoid about finding the right makeup artist. I mean, its my face and its gonna be in all the pictures, and I want to look nice on my wedding day.

My own close friends who have gotten married have all had out of town weddings and had their makeup done there, so I can’t get a personal recommendation for someone in town who I KNOW does bridal makeup. I don’t want someone’s random friend who has never done brides before. Stuff comes out differently in photos and I’d feel more comfortable if I know they have experience with that.

 One coworker recommended someone who did a great job on her, but his salon is out of the way.

A friend recommended a makeup artist who recommended her friend. She’s a makeup artist at the Ritz Carlton, who will come to me. She costs the same price as the salons and is available on my day. Should I trust a makeup artist that I don’t have a direct reference for? She she said specializes in brides, but her website is under construction and has minimal bride photos. It’s a lot of magazine models with weird makeup (which is normal for magazines). If she’s good enough for the Ritz, she should be good enough for everyone, right?

My concern is that she uses some really industrial, never-comes-off-your-face makeup and I don’t want to feel fake. She also said that any women who stand around me and don’t wear her special makeup will turn up weird in photos so they’d all need to get $125 jobs done. I can’t ask bridesmaids to spend that kind of money…so I’d just end up paying. I guess it’s steal cheaper than those crazy salon bills.

I know I can do a bridal trial but $150 is a lot to drop on just the test run so I want to make sure I don’t have to keep trying with a different artist.

How did you find your makeup artist? What would you suggest?