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What’s the right amount of time to take off BEFORE the wedding?

6 Jun

Weddings? Who’s got the time?

No wonder I couldn’t find the time to do everything before the wedding. I didn’t take enough time off for two honeymoons just to PREPARE.

I’ve been reading some forum posts about women taking some crazy time off before their weddings. I know you have a ton of stuff to do, but taking two weeks off is a little much. Do you not have to work? What kind of jobs do these people have where they can take so much time off? Do you live in Germany or something where everyone gets 6 weeks vacation every year?

I Googled to get an idea, and just found a bunch of people bragging about all the time off they get at their jobs, whether they be fancy pants or not. But not everyone has this luxury.

Let’s be realistic people. I was allowed to go home early a few days so I could go to dress fittings before the store closed, but the week of the wedding, I only got two days off! And one of those was for the actual wedding, which was on a Friday.

I planned to go back to work on Monday morning but decided to return Tuesday. We still had people in town from California, Italy and Switzerland who were here and why should I return to work when people paid good money to come here for our wedding?

And I didn’t even get time off for a honeymoon until I was laid off 3 months after the wedding anyway. Happy wedding gift from them!

We would have loved to take some time off before the wedding to do things we needed to do. We had a load of stuff left to do because we planned it all in five months (We had to write off the two months I was sick). We could have had better wedding favours, fancier centrepieces, and other goodies, but we just didn’t have the time. And that’s ok because it turned out great.

How much time do you think is “reasonable” to take off before the wedding? Obviously, destination weddings require more time, since you have to travel and have your honeymoon there, which is totally cool, so let’s just talk about weddings at home.

My advice: Keep all last-minute details to a minimum to de-stress, and try not to let curious people get to you. You don’t need people asking what is still left to do on your list.  You know that you 10,000 things left, so do you really need constant reminders of the fact you’re knee deep in errands and don’t have time off work to get it all done?


Unhappy bride is back with a new focus!

15 Nov

I gave up on this blog right after the wedding in July of 2011, (I had tons of stuff to do, we went on an amazing Mediterranean cruise honeymoon, and husband thought that venting on here was just making me more upset about some stuff than I needed to be).

But I just logged in and saw a ton of hits on this blog, even though it has been inactive since August. This has me thinking that since there’s 100s of people a day coming here and looking for help with their wedding, who am I to stop helping?

I’m still going to throw in my two cents about celebrity weddings, (it feels good to snark it up sometimes), but I’m also going to try and help you guys cut down on wedding costs, and handle some sticky situations like pushy parents or judgmental bridesmaids.   I will also talk about some of the challenges we are facing as newlyweds (major! Husband likes eating chicken nuggets. Nothing else. I come from an Italian family! I feed the soul!)

Too bad I can’t change the username to reflect that I am happily married, had a lovely wedding, but was just annoyed at all the wedding drama.

I hope I can be some help to you, please leave some feedback!


More travel agent honeymoon fail: safety issues

27 Jul

Dear travel agent

I told you I wanted to book a honeymoon. You suggest a bus tour. Being crammed on a non-air conditioned bus driving through back roads all night along with 50 other people is definitely my idea of romance. Especially when their aroma (rea: body odor) begins wafting through the circulating air.

But you know, maybe your idea of a relaxing honeymoon is different from mine, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. What I won’t put up with is a travel agent that doesn’t know there’s political trouble in Greece. Have you never turned on the TV/Radio/Internet/Newspaper for the last 4 months?!?!

I don’t care if you accept the gift cards we were given and have no other way of spending. We’re still not booking with you, until you get a clue.

One month to go until the wedding! A ton of stuff to do

9 Jun

Our wedding is officially one month away!

Here’s a list of things we still have to do:

  • Put first and last month’s rent down for apartment
  • Book videographer
  • Figure out photo permits
  • Go to Catholic marriage camp 
  • Choose between violin/harp or organ for ceremony
  • Call chair cover place
  • Decoration times: find out from hall
  • Decoration times: find out from church
  • Order centrepieces
  • Bbook salon test
  • Choose music and readings
  • Write speeches and ask others to do it too
  • Find shoes/veil/bridesmaids shoes
  • Make cards for wishing tree and get branches
  • Make schedule for day of
  • Print menus
  • Make placecards
  • Buy candles
  • Buy more twinkle lights
  • Book honeymoon
  • Hold bachelorette

Wedding gift registries: my reservations

16 May

I have bugged fiance for months to give me a post about how he was annoyed with the paperwork behind a registry. He never gave me this so I’m just going to do a post myself and add his when he sends it later.

The whole idea of registries are foreign to me. I can see that they’re useful, but I can’t bring myself to make a wish list of gifts, especially because they’re not required. To me, signing up for gifts isn’t a TRUE gift, because people aren’t truly giving what THEY want. The fact that I come from an Italian family makes this worse. We just give money. I like this because people aren’t forced to spend a certain amount to buy something, can truly give what they can afford, and I don’t have to fill out a wishlist of stuff which just makes me feel greedy. With no registry, people can do whatever they want and if they do give us money we can spend it on our honeymoon for example. Everybody wins.

But I know people like registries because it makes it easier to find something the couple wants. That’s why I agreed to sign up for one.

We’ve put on all the stuff we need, which isn’t very much as we have a lot of stuff already. We don’t need a fourth cheese grater for example. And we won’t put on fancy $100 soup bowls that we both know we’ll never use. We don’t need one of those huge Kitchenaid mixers when we have a hand mixer that works fine and we don’t plan on doing a lot of baking anyway. People suggest that we should sign up for nicer things to replace the not as nice ones that we already have. As someone who reasonably cares about the environment, I don’t see a reason for an unecessary upgrade when our stuff works fine. And it’s annoying that both of the stores where we’ve registered don’t sell some stuff that we really need, like a lasagna pan (it’s fiance’s favourite food and I would love to make it for him!)

It would be nice if we had Target in Canada, and places like Walmart or the  Canadian Tire hardware store don’t do registries here anymore. That would’ve been useful.

It’s hard to get choices when it comes to registries in Canada. We’ve just got

  •  Sears and The Bay (both department stores)
  • Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn (both decor kinda places)
  • Home Outfitters (owned by The Bay and has the same stuff)

We can’t sign up for one of those honeymoon registries since we haven’t even booked a trip yet because we won’t be going until October anyway (I can’t get time off work).

So I’m not going to come out and tell people that we want/don’t want them to buy off the registry, but it would be nice if they could help us not get stuff we don’t need, but help us have an amazing time on our honeymoon, or help us with a minimoon. (We are considering a minimoon, a mini honeymoon weekend getaway just so we can have some peace to ourselves.  THAT would be useful.

What did you do about registries?

Ancestor tour honeymoon. Sicily a good idea?

19 Mar

A picture of the beach in Sicily where we used to play as kids

So remember we were talking about French Polynesia for our honeymoon? And how it was so expensive. I think we’d love it because we really like snorkelling and it’s supposed to be some of the best in the world with wild dolphins and types of fish you won’t see anywhere else, but I’ve been quietly trying to convince fiance to go on an ancestor tour.

We’ve talked about going on an ancestor tour for years. My parents are from Sicily. We would go visit my grandparents when we were kids. Some of my fondest memories are racing to the baggage claim at the 1980s beige and brown-chic airport, the grimey yellow fly-protector curtain, and I always remember the smell of my grandfather’s olive green volkswagen mini-bus that took us to the beach house where we made pizza in between playing with fuzzy sea plants that washed up onto the shore.

My grandparents both died a few years ago and I haven’t been able to visit their graves, but I want to.

Fiance’s great grandparents are from Scotland, Romania and Germany. He’s been to Scotland and Germany but never to Romania and I’ve been to none of those places.

Think this could be a great opportunity to learn about our roots while still seeing some glorious parts of Europe. But fiance says it’s probably a trip we want to take once we have kids so we can teach them where their families came from. I can see his argument.

So we’re thinking about what to do. We’ve put off honeymoon organizing since we’re so focused on finding a ceremony location right now but we have to consider whether we want to relax or explore our roots.

Hopefully if we do decide to go to Sicily, all the war planes will be gone from the army base not far from my grandparents’ house. They’re all going to be based there to enforce this “No fly zone” in Libya.

Incidentally, my mom said fighter jets patrolled Sicilian airspace in 1986, flying way low while we toddlers played obliviously on the beach. It probably has to do with this other Moammar Gadhafi issue back them.

The Honeymoon that won’t be

1 Mar

Our honeymoon doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. We need your help on picking a location that will actually work.

So we’ve looked at honeymoon stuff for a while. We are getting married in July but because of a summer work contract, we plan on going in September or October.

We looked at tons of locations. We thought about Egypt, but then there was a revolution, and who knows who will be in power come September. We looked at Peru and Macchu Picchu, but it’s winter and rainy in South America in September.

Then we decided. Tahiti. But it doesn’t seem like it’s meant to be.

From Tahiti-Tourisme

From Tahiti-Tourisme

It’s a splurge we can really only do once in a lifetime and a honeymoon was our excuse. We had picked out a cruise and everything. I called the travel agent today. NINE months in advance. Everything but the expensive rooms are sold out. Apparently, everyone else had the same idea. It’s a big honeymoon destination and July/August/Sept/Oct is high season. Now we can’t go there either, because hotel rooms are $600 a night if you don’t stay on the boat. Here’s what the travel agent said about Tahiti: “there simply is no better place on Earth for this kind of trip and of this importance.”

Now we can’t even afford to go there anymore, and don’t know where we should go now. Anyone have a great honeymoon somewhere and have a suggestion?

We enjoy meeting people from different cultures, and seeing nature we are not familiar with in eastern North America (like coral reefs or deserts).

We’ve already done part of Australia and New Zealand together, and parts of Europe each on our own.

We’ve always wanted to go to Dubai, Jordan or Morocco, but are afraid something will happen there with the Middle East being in shambles right now.

What we don’t want: the U.S., or Canada. And we’re not so keen on the Caribbean. So many North Americans go to the Caribbean for March Break or whatever. If you can go there for the weekend, I feel like it isn’t a special destination for a honeymoon.

I just ask that I don’t have to worry about Malaria (I get bug bites no matter how many precautions I take) or other diseases while we try to relax on our honeymoon.

Where should we go for our honeymoon now? Got suggestions?