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Ancestor tour honeymoon. Sicily a good idea?

19 Mar

A picture of the beach in Sicily where we used to play as kids

So remember we were talking about French Polynesia for our honeymoon? And how it was so expensive. I think we’d love it because we really like snorkelling and it’s supposed to be some of the best in the world with wild dolphins and types of fish you won’t see anywhere else, but I’ve been quietly trying to convince fiance to go on an ancestor tour.

We’ve talked about going on an ancestor tour for years. My parents are from Sicily. We would go visit my grandparents when we were kids. Some of my fondest memories are racing to the baggage claim at the 1980s beige and brown-chic airport, the grimey yellow fly-protector curtain, and I always remember the smell of my grandfather’s olive green volkswagen mini-bus that took us to the beach house where we made pizza in between playing with fuzzy sea plants that washed up onto the shore.

My grandparents both died a few years ago and I haven’t been able to visit their graves, but I want to.

Fiance’s great grandparents are from Scotland, Romania and Germany. He’s been to Scotland and Germany but never to Romania and I’ve been to none of those places.

Think this could be a great opportunity to learn about our roots while still seeing some glorious parts of Europe. But fiance says it’s probably a trip we want to take once we have kids so we can teach them where their families came from. I can see his argument.

So we’re thinking about what to do. We’ve put off honeymoon organizing since we’re so focused on finding a ceremony location right now but we have to consider whether we want to relax or explore our roots.

Hopefully if we do decide to go to Sicily, all the war planes will be gone from the army base not far from my grandparents’ house. They’re all going to be based there to enforce this “No fly zone” in Libya.

Incidentally, my mom said fighter jets patrolled Sicilian airspace in 1986, flying way low while we toddlers played obliviously on the beach. It probably has to do with this other Moammar Gadhafi issue back them.