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Real Housewife Kim Zolciek’s wedding dress: Dismal damask

18 Nov

So up in Canada, the “Real Housewives” shows are on channels that cost extra, so I’ve never seen an episode and never seen the need to download any of the 6,000 permutations of the show. So no clue who this Kim Zolciek woman is.

However, I saw this photo in a celeb mag and couldn’t resist sharing this trainwreck dress with you all.

I assume she was going for a Marie Antoinette look, but all I can think of is that a monster ate up sheets, curtains and upholstery and then threw up this gem.  What is that god awful crumply thing in the hips?!?!?! Ewwww. Ewwww. Ewwww.

I like how her dress is indistinguishable from the curtains in this photo!

Maybe she was going for Scarlett O’Hara’s famous “curtain dress” look. For you youngins, here’s an explanation of what I’m talking about from the old movie “Gone With the Wind.”

I’m sure that whoever designed the first Damask pattern had seat cushions in mind, rather than Zolciek’s $58,000 dress. Damask inventor is rolling over in their grave.

This dress takes the whole concept of “color, texture, pattern, shine”  to a whole ‘nother level.

And an aside: is it just me or does this thing make her look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than the 33-years-old that they claim she is?


Unhappy bride is back with a new focus!

15 Nov

I gave up on this blog right after the wedding in July of 2011, (I had tons of stuff to do, we went on an amazing Mediterranean cruise honeymoon, and husband thought that venting on here was just making me more upset about some stuff than I needed to be).

But I just logged in and saw a ton of hits on this blog, even though it has been inactive since August. This has me thinking that since there’s 100s of people a day coming here and looking for help with their wedding, who am I to stop helping?

I’m still going to throw in my two cents about celebrity weddings, (it feels good to snark it up sometimes), but I’m also going to try and help you guys cut down on wedding costs, and handle some sticky situations like pushy parents or judgmental bridesmaids.   I will also talk about some of the challenges we are facing as newlyweds (major! Husband likes eating chicken nuggets. Nothing else. I come from an Italian family! I feed the soul!)

Too bad I can’t change the username to reflect that I am happily married, had a lovely wedding, but was just annoyed at all the wedding drama.

I hope I can be some help to you, please leave some feedback!


Guest Post! Kate Middleton stole my wedding dress!

3 Jun

I was miffed when I saw Kate Middleton’s wedding dress looked kind of like my own. Take away the lace on the top, and it’s my wedding dress, down to the pleats, which are pretty rare nowadays. The saving grace on mine is a flower belt.

Kate Middleton's wedding dress

But my whining’s got nothing on poor Bonfire Night Bride, who basically had every element of her dress totally stolen by the new Duchess of Cambridge.

Ever seen the E! News segment “bitch stole my look?”

Here is Bonfire Night Bride’s lovely guest post about what it was like learning that her gorgeous dress had been snatched, and how she came to terms with sharing the dress with Middleton. Visit her blog and show your support!


I may be British but that doesn’t automatically mean I’m a royalist. I have never had a reason to love or loathe the Royal Family; I can take them or leave them. I’m sure I’d feel differently if I knew them personally but as I don’t I found it difficult to get overenthusiastic about the Royal Wedding. Some may call me miserable and lacking in national high spirits, I say it’s because my interest in and excitement about my own wedding that’s taking place in November this year has taken total precedent over anything else this past couple of years.

From the moment I started dress hunting not long after our engagement in August 2009 I knew exactly what I wanted – something beautiful, vintage inspired, demure and timeless. Something that is not easy to find in the stores these days. Strapless dresses have never appealed to me but other styles of wedding dress are few and far between. It is for this reason that I decided to design my own and take it to a dress maker.

In January this year I entered a competition on the UK wedding blog Love My Dress (http://www.lovemydress.net) to win my dream wedding dress designed by myself and made by bridal dressmaking company House of Mooshki (http://www.houseofmooshki.com). I submitted my design and unfortunately didn’t win but I was a runner up, the girls at House of Mooski stating they were extremely excited about my design – a beautiful ivory long sleeved appliqué lace and tulle full skirted dress with fitted bodice, a buttoned down back and long train.

Fast forward to Royal Wedding day. I had worked a night shift the previous night so had a valid excuse to not have to sit and watch the whole ceremony, choosing to catch snippets on the news later in the instead. If the truth be told the only thing that I had been remotely interested in is seeing what Middleton had chosen to wear. Imagine my horror when catching my first glimpse of the blushing bride.

 Ivory appliqué lace on tulle – check.

Long sleeves – check.

Fitted bodice – check.

Full skirt – check.

Long train – check.

Button down back – check.

 Hmm… great. My heart literally sank into my metaphorical boots. I’m in no way stating that this design is exclusive to me. It is a classic Grace Kelly style that I’d always dreamed of wearing on my wedding day, not only in fitting with my body shape and wedding theme but as a huge deviation from the strapless norm of recent times. The long sleeves are also to compliment the time of year – a November wedding calls for something that will keep me warm! But Middleton… sleeves in April, really? To our wedding guests that aren’t aware of my design submission to my dressmaker well in advance of the Royal Wedding, my dress is now going to look like a cheap copy; like I actually WANT to imitate the Royal Wedding dress. This is not at all the case!! Not only that, I did not want to look like the imminent thousands of future worldwide Middleton clones who copy off Sarah Burton’s design stitch for stitch as they have no ideas or originality of their own.

At first, I seriously considered changing my dress design to something that will be totally different but after lots of begging and pleading from my mother I am going to leave it as it is. “Just think Laura,” said my mum as I called her in despair after seeing Middleton’s dress for the first time, “you have designed a dress, on your own, without the help of a top fashion designer and it’s almost identical to the dress of the future Queen of England. What does that say about you? Does that not show how much taste and class you have?”

Of course you’re gonna say that mum.

“Your dress will be stunning and you will look stunning. Why on earth would you change it to something you don’t like and spend the day being miserable because of the Royal Wedding.” She was right. Why would I let someone I do not know or particularly care for ruin the most important dress I will ever wear on the most significant day of my life? I have decided to leave my dress as it is. I will never forget how I felt on April 29th catching that first glimpse of THE dress and the brief feeling that my day had been ruined but I soon got over it. At the end of the day, the people who matter to me the most know that I designed my dress way before the Royal Wedding date was announced, never mind the wedding itself. And this, along with enjoying wearing my dress, are all that matter to me. 

However… my indifference towards the Royal Family has now turned into a full aversion and my blood actually boils whenever I see any bridal designer promoting their “Kate Middleton Dress.”

Fascinator Fascination: People actually like them now

19 May

The red arrow points to my fascinator

I bought a kick-ass fascinator for fiance’s sister’s wedding last September. It was a black raven feathered headpiece that cost $12 at Aldo. I wore it to the wedding and people looked at me weird. I think they had never seen one before and didn’t know what to make of it.

Total 360 at my friend’s wedding on May 7, about a week after the Royal Wedding. People asked me about my fascinator by name (note:  they didn’t say “hair clip.” People actually knew the proper name).

I walked past an independent jewelry boutique the other day. It had a huge number of fascinators in all kinds of colours. And in the window? A clipping from a celeb magazine showing a bunch of pictures of Kate Middleton wearing some fabulous feathery hair accessories. Thanks for making them popular Kate! Checkout her headgear below.

But somehow I doubt people are fans of Princess Beatrice’s crazy octopus headpiece thing that she wore to the Royal Wedding .

Princess Beatrice's crazy fascinator hat thingie

BTW you should check out Blair Nadeau, she’s got some pretty sweet ones.

Royal wedding one week anniversary: Will the goodwill continue?

6 May

This photo is from People.com

It’s the one week wedding anniversary of William and Kate (the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge).

 We’ve all had time to get over the media circus and truly think about what happened, without worrying about little girls or second dresses.

So what do you think?

I think I would have enjoyed the whole pomp and circumstance more if there wasn’t a U.S. media blitz before. Of course, I would’ve been more excited if it didn’t remind me of the long list of things I have to do for my own wedding!

But, I think the wedding was nice, elegant, a simple ceremony, which was great. Kate Middleton looked great.

But the best part was how such a happy event seemed to unite the world. Even my cynical boss pointed out that after a recession, rising prices of everything, and people struggling to survive, it’s nice to have happy news that brings hope to people.

Personally, I’ve had a tough few years. Fiance moved to the U.S. for two years, and I was laid off three times from three different companies last year. Life was hard and I had to deal with it alone as my boyfriend tried to help over the phone but couldn’t give me the reassuring hugs that I needed.

I’m young, but I don’t always have a lot of faith in people. But seeing the world so happy for William and Kate makes me hope that people will stop asking silly questions or making us justify our decisions, and just wish us happiness as they watch in awe like they did with the royal couple.

Kate Middleton’s second wedding dress. Would you get one?

1 May

The good people at People magazine posted this Photo of Kate Middleton’s second wedding dress.

Do you like it? Was the first one better? Would you ever get a second wedding dress? Personally, I’m spending more than $1,000 on my dress, so I’m getting my money’s worth and wearing it as long as possible!

Sure the train is long, but you can always use a bustle. That’s when a seamstress attaches hooks to the back of the dress so you can pin the train up to the back and be free to dance without this train behind you tripping you up. No reason to get a second dress except being frivilous.

Kate’s second dress reminds me of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress.

Too funny: Royal Wedding frowning flower girl

30 Apr

This doesn't even need words. LOL suffices.


I’m tired but had to blog this last one before going to bed.

Saw a photo of William and Kate kissing and then this little flower girl frowning like a troll diverted my attention.  It’s freaking hilarious. Grace Van Cutsem is 3 and is Prince William’s goddaughter. It seems like the hysteria in the crowd outside Buckingham Palace was too much for her little, sensitive ears. What a contrast to the other smiling flower girl in the photo! I think their official title is “bridsmaids” though.

I went back to the original site where I saw ths photo and they had cropped the kid out. Why would you crop out pure, unscripted comic gold! 

Me loves the photoshopping Grace into other, unrelated photos! Watch out, Donald Trump might fire her.

This link gives a good rundown of the online chatter about the now infamous kid. There’s now even a caption contest on Huffington post.