Seriously? You lost our papers. Fix it. We can’t deal with it

6 Jun

So remember that appointment that took 4 months to get with the Catholic Church?

Might as well have never happened. They lost our papers.

Now they want us to head there at 3 p.m. on a weekday. Like regular people, we work. How is this going to happen? How DID this happen? Why is it so hard for these people? Luckily they didn’t lose our marriage licence or there’d be hell to pay.

So seriously, how am I going to do this? We BOTH have to go. Fiance lives in another city.

This weekend he is in Boston for his rescheduled bachelor party.

The weekend after that we are going to the Catholic marriage preparation course. I had to give up the bachelorette party I wanted to do this requirement and they won’t marry us unless we do this.

The weekend after that is my second choice bachelorette party.

The weekend after that we move into our new place.

The weekend after that is our wedding.

Please, church, are you going to pay me to take a day off work because you couldn’t figure out our paperwork that it took you months to even do?

Looks like I have to cancel that bachelorette now. Who loses again!? It’s bridezilla.

And I was so excited that we were almost done the major things and I was going to be picking up my dress tomorrow.


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