Music for our wedding first dance will be magical

3 Jun

I like dance music. Britney Spears, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. He likes goth music. Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. This might not be pretty.

The one thing we agree on: The Killers. They’re my favorite band and we had loads of fun at a Killers concert. But most of my favorite songs of theirs are not appropriate for a wedding. Stuff about breaking up (Can you read my mind) cheating (Mr. Brightside) or having soul but not being a soldier (All these things that I’ve done) really don’t fit at a wedding do they? I’ve tried Googling. No one has really used a Killers song before.

Fiance knows that the majority of people at our wedding (including me) don’t like his kind of music, so what are we to do? Instrumental to the rescue.

One of the first gifts Fiance ever gave me was a CD of the soundtrack to the French film “Amelie.”

Everytime I heard this song, it made me want to dream. It’s above. I have no idea what instruments are playing, but this song is freaking magical.

When I listen to it, it makes me think of all the dreams we could share together in our new lives together.

I had sent Fiance a bunch of suggestions for potential songs, including Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, which pretty much defines our relationship. One of us may leave, (we’ve had several bouts of long distance), but throughout our 5 years together, we always come back running. And we had a lot of fun at a Four Tops concert too.

Fiance conveniently ignored the email with that suggestion, but immediately replied to the one about the Amelie song. He likes that it’s not a pop song (not his thing) and that it is somehow related to our relationship. And Fiance is a pretty shy guy. I think he doesn’t want to do any kind of fast dancing with 80 people staring at him.

So not only is everybody happy, but look at how great it would look to dance to this (minus the Elvis, which Fiance doesn’t like lol). Winning!


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