Fabulous flowers! Forget peonies. Roses + Freesias win

2 Jun

We ordered our wedding flowers and I am very happy. I had originally planned on a peony bouquet, but was doing some googling and came across the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen. It’s this mass assembly of gorgeousness made of roses and freesias. Fiance’s got competition for my affections.

I took this picture to my florist and I am going to get cream and pink coloured roses with freesias for a little green. I’m really excited.

The bridesmaids are getting carnations and freesias but I can’t find a picture of that combo on the Internets. The dudes are getting cream coloured roses. The moms are getting these cream coloured orchids.

The moms are getting corsages that look like this

Anyway, if you live in Auckland, New Zealand check out this florist’s offerings because she is mega talented. Too bad I don’t live in New Zealand (for more reasons than one, its a great place to visit!) but hopefully my Canadian florist can give me the same glamorous bouquet!

One Response to “Fabulous flowers! Forget peonies. Roses + Freesias win”

  1. Marie June 4, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

    Freesias smell so good, and look lovely. Great choice!

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