What to do with wedding RSVP cards in case of a mail strike

1 Jun

Canada Post strike is imminent

Girls, I see through Google that you’ve been trying to find out what to do with your wedding invitations or RSVP reply cards if Canada Post goes on strike tonight.

My advice: Haul Ass.

Waiting for replies? Start calling people. Get email addresses. Skype numbers. Look them up on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn. Get their BBM pins. Use Evite. If they’re seniors or someone that doesn’t use a computer, hunt them down at their front door step if you have to.

If you have paper invites, you and your family/bridesmaids/groom’s dudes can deliver them. If you can afford it, hire a courier. If you can’t, and no one can help you deliver them all, hire a neighborhood kid with a bike or a subway/bus pass to deliver envelopes.

If that doesn’t work, hire the lady from “Murder, She Wrote” if you can find her. Seriously, people will do just fine without a “formal” invitation. It’s just gravy. Kick it old school, combined with new school technology and you should spread the word no problem.

If you already have the nice paper invites and can’t deliver them (to people who live far away for example), call to give them details, and then keep a basket of invitations at the wedding for people to take home. Or put the invitation with their favors.

If you haven’t mailed out invites yet, think of the bright side. You’ll save money on stamps.

Personally, I hope the mail doesn’t strike. We still haven’t received all the RSVP cards, and we’re trying to get people to return our calls. We’ve enlisted others to harass them. 

What annoys me the most is that I was so happy to be ordering a bunch of stuff on the Internet because I just click a button and the stuff shows up, with zero stress to me. *Insert strike stress now.* Bleh! Hopefully they use courier like The Shopping Channel will. I’m not going to order anything else online until it is all sorted out.

EDIT: Last time Canada Post went on strike in 1997, the government forced them back to work. Could it happen again this time?

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