People are complaning about our gift registry

29 May

So I’m hearing that people are complaining there isn’t enough selection on our wedding gift registries. Remember, I don’t like them, and the ONLY reason we signed up is because people DEMANDED we do so.

We’ve gone to stores about six times to add things and it was very hard and took a long time. It’s hard to sign up for things you already have, or don’t want, or don’t know you need yet because you  haven’t found a place to live yet with one month left to go.

We’ve already signed up for stuff we don’t need, and really don’t have time to go back and sign up for a melon baller. Considering the smell of melon makes me want to throw up, (literally) and fiance doesn’t like them, its probably not a good idea.

There’s a total of 46 items on one registry, and 45 on the other.

Prices range from $2.95 to $329 and there’s lots of different price ranges in between.

I know they are just trying to get us something nice that we want, but I don’t understand how people can say there isn’t enough selection.

Especially when the #1 reason they shouldn’t complain is: only THREE things have been bought.

There’s still 88 other items to choose from.


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