Going postal (strike)!! Please return those RSVP cards NOW

25 May


Man mailing a letter

Please do what this guy is doing and mail your RSVP cards before a potential postal strike!

We mailed out invites a while ago. Six weeks to be precise.

We got a lot of replies right away, but suddenly two weeks ago, that stream of replies stopped. We are still missing replies from 55 per cent of the guest list! There are 5 business days left until they are due. A lot of them are seniors so they don’t use email or anything like that so they will be sending by mail.

I will join the chorus of brides who complain about how long it takes for people to reply. We even pre-stamped the envelopes!  These people live on the other side of town! People on the other side of the world replied before they did. 

The only reason I’m antsy about this is that Canada Post could go on strike as early as Monday! That’s only two business days. If those people don’t mail their card TODAY, it could be caught in mail bag limbo and we might not get it until after we’re married. 

So now that people still haven’t mailed their  cards, with less than a week to go, we’ll have to make a ton of phonecalls when we are away at Catholic marriage preparation camp.

I.e., we are confined at some retreat centre in the country and aren’t allowed to leave. I somehow doubt we can sneak in phonecalls. How will we make the calls? 

I’m gonna start bugging people tonight. Dear readers, anyone else have replies come in at the deadline (or past the deadline?)

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