You sell the engagement ring, but not the required matching wedding band?

24 May

The wedding band that matches my engagement ring

The title says it all.

Fiance bought me an engagement ring with a band that is not a typical shape. It needs the matching band to fit properly because it is kind of pointy.

The photo of the band is above.

We went to the store (Tiffany’s) a few months ago to put in our orders for our bands. Fiance’s would be easy to find, but they said they’d have to call around at all their locations to see where they could find one for me because yellow gold isn’t popular anymore. The store said they’d call us back in about a month when they arrived. After 6 weeks, with no call,  fiance got antsy and we drove over there to find out what was going on.

Good thing he insisted we go. Turns out they never processed our order. There was no record of our request for either of our bands.

This is when we learned that the only wedding band that goes with my ring is actually discontinued in yellow gold.

Yes, they sell the yellow gold engagement ring with the non-standard shape, but they don’t sell the matching wedding band. The clerk was actually the one that pointed out how dumb this is.

So I pretty much need the matching band or I can never wear my engagement ring with it. I guess they assume you won’t get married and the engagement ring is enough? Ha!

The lady who was helping us was horrified. I think she was more worried than we were. She told us to take a walk around the mall for an hour and come back. We did and she said she had located a ring for me, two sizes too big, but the right shape. And by some holy miracle, the ONE ring they had in all of North America happened to be at their other location in town. *Phew*

I went down there the next day to sort everything out and so they could shrink the size.  They said they’d call me in 6 business days. It’s been 7. Methinks I should swing by tomorrow just to make sure everything is fine. I won’t believe it until the ring is in my hands lol.

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