Wedding Groupons or daily deals: Would you get one?

24 May

A group buy deal for weddings

So for those of you who live in Toronto, there’s a wedding flower group buy that expires at midnight.

Would you ever buy one of these for your wedding? This one offers $700 worth of flowers, including brides bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonneirs, and corsages for just $99. But read the fine print. It says you have to order at least 2 months in advance, and you can only have roses in your bouquets. If our wedding was more than 2 months away, I would probably buy this even though it only consists of roses.

But there’s other wedding group buy daily deal thingies that can be iffy. I saw one for a wedding planner a few months ago. It was something like $100 for a day of wedding coordinator.

I had some questions about the deal so called the wedding planner that was offering it. She called me back. Two weeks later. Glad we didn’t buy it or we’d be out $100, because I wouldn’t trust her to even show up on our wedding day.

What do you think? Under what circumstances would you buy a daily deal group buy and use it toward your wedding?


One Response to “Wedding Groupons or daily deals: Would you get one?”

  1. Anonymous August 4, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    I bought 99$ flower package for my wedding from deal ticker, and it turned out suck. If you want to save money, you can buy flower then do it yourself. It would be cheaper than 100 + tax and it should turn out much nicer than this package. Any one could do a better job than this spa. I was so disappointed about their crap job. It was too late for me to change any thing.

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