Fascinator Fascination: People actually like them now

19 May

The red arrow points to my fascinator

I bought a kick-ass fascinator for fiance’s sister’s wedding last September. It was a black raven feathered headpiece that cost $12 at Aldo. I wore it to the wedding and people looked at me weird. I think they had never seen one before and didn’t know what to make of it.

Total 360 at my friend’s wedding on May 7, about a week after the Royal Wedding. People asked me about my fascinator by name (note:  they didn’t say “hair clip.” People actually knew the proper name).

I walked past an independent jewelry boutique the other day. It had a huge number of fascinators in all kinds of colours. And in the window? A clipping from a celeb magazine showing a bunch of pictures of Kate Middleton wearing some fabulous feathery hair accessories. Thanks for making them popular Kate! Checkout her headgear below.

But somehow I doubt people are fans of Princess Beatrice’s crazy octopus headpiece thing that she wore to the Royal Wedding .

Princess Beatrice's crazy fascinator hat thingie

BTW you should check out Blair Nadeau, she’s got some pretty sweet ones.

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