Registry completion discount conundrum? Or just greedy?

18 May

A screenshot of the greedy gift registry. The red dots are just some of the TVs!

So was looking for one of our registries and accidentally clicked on someone else’s. Was about to close window but saw they had something for $4,000 on it and I was shocked. I thought wow, who would put something that expensive on their registry? I mean, a lot of people would have to contribute to that gift. Then I kept scrolling to see what else this couple put on their list:

  • 6 TVs
  • 4 mattresses
  • 2 stoves
  • 2 dishwashers
  • 4 washer/dryers
  • 2 refrigerators
  • 4 sofas

They had a total of 204 items!  About 80 % had been purchased and about half of them were worth $500 or more. Crazy.

Seems to me that someone is taking advantage of the 10% registry completion discount to buy stuff for everyone they know? At least, I hope that’s what explains the greediness. Or is it just a bridezilla or groomzilla?

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