A tale of two registries- Crate and Barrel vs. The Bay

18 May

So we signed up for two gift registries. Here’s a handy breakdown showing the pros and cons of each in case you’re thinking of signing up at the same places we did.

Crate & Barrel is an American housewares chain with 2 stores in Toronto and one in Calgary. The Hudson’s Bay Company is a department store chain that has hundreds of stores across Canada and is owned by Lord & Taylor of the USA. It’s pretty much Macy’s. Same brands/layouts, etc. (Fun fact, it’s the oldest company in the world, 325+ years old).  Here’s our comparison.

Ease of signing up

The Bay- 30 minutes of paperwork and judgmental comments on the fact that we don’t live together before getting married and eye rolling at fiance because he dares to own 3 cheese graters.

Crate & Barrel – in-store computer screen. No snotty human interaction required, but the dude that gave us the scanny gun was friendly

Ease of adding and deleting items

Crate & Barrel scanning gun is much lighter, and both have same functionality except for one key thing: You can delete items right on your scanner at Crate & Barrel. Or call them. You can even call in additions!

The Bay – MUST go in person to registry department on eighth floor with paper printout and tell them which item you don’t want anymore

Website layout 

The Bay – has a vague, sometimes incomplete description of the thing you’ve signed up for.  Most stuff is good, but who can deciper what a “HHI FE SYNERGY 13PC BLOCK” is? Or how about a “NRDICWR COMPCT OVN 5 PIEC?”

For the record, that’s a block of knives and a muffin/cookie pan set. It also has no direct link to each person’s registry so you have to search every time

What the Hudson Bay Company's registry looks like

Crate & Barrel – has pictures of what you registered for!  People who don’t live near one of the 3 Canadian stores can order online or by phone. Couples also get their own permalink for their registry. Canadian and U.S. databases are not interconnected.

What a Canadian Crate & Barrel registry looks like

Amount of items to choose from:

The Bay- Department store with every type of category, from clothing, to housewares, to bathroom, to cosmetics, to jewelry

Crate & Barrel – Housewares

Ultimately I think The Bay wins solely for this reason:

You can order online and have the gift shipped to the store of the couple’s choice. Because there are only 3 Crate & Barrel stores in Canada, people either have to go to a store, or call a phone number.


One Response to “A tale of two registries- Crate and Barrel vs. The Bay”

  1. oisedeansconference April 16, 2014 at 4:11 pm #

    This is super helpful as these are the exact places we’re thinking of registering! I’m thinking I might do what you did and go for both.

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