Wedding gift registries: my reservations

16 May

I have bugged fiance for months to give me a post about how he was annoyed with the paperwork behind a registry. He never gave me this so I’m just going to do a post myself and add his when he sends it later.

The whole idea of registries are foreign to me. I can see that they’re useful, but I can’t bring myself to make a wish list of gifts, especially because they’re not required. To me, signing up for gifts isn’t a TRUE gift, because people aren’t truly giving what THEY want. The fact that I come from an Italian family makes this worse. We just give money. I like this because people aren’t forced to spend a certain amount to buy something, can truly give what they can afford, and I don’t have to fill out a wishlist of stuff which just makes me feel greedy. With no registry, people can do whatever they want and if they do give us money we can spend it on our honeymoon for example. Everybody wins.

But I know people like registries because it makes it easier to find something the couple wants. That’s why I agreed to sign up for one.

We’ve put on all the stuff we need, which isn’t very much as we have a lot of stuff already. We don’t need a fourth cheese grater for example. And we won’t put on fancy $100 soup bowls that we both know we’ll never use. We don’t need one of those huge Kitchenaid mixers when we have a hand mixer that works fine and we don’t plan on doing a lot of baking anyway. People suggest that we should sign up for nicer things to replace the not as nice ones that we already have. As someone who reasonably cares about the environment, I don’t see a reason for an unecessary upgrade when our stuff works fine. And it’s annoying that both of the stores where we’ve registered don’t sell some stuff that we really need, like a lasagna pan (it’s fiance’s favourite food and I would love to make it for him!)

It would be nice if we had Target in Canada, and places like Walmart or the  Canadian Tire hardware store don’t do registries here anymore. That would’ve been useful.

It’s hard to get choices when it comes to registries in Canada. We’ve just got

  •  Sears and The Bay (both department stores)
  • Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn (both decor kinda places)
  • Home Outfitters (owned by The Bay and has the same stuff)

We can’t sign up for one of those honeymoon registries since we haven’t even booked a trip yet because we won’t be going until October anyway (I can’t get time off work).

So I’m not going to come out and tell people that we want/don’t want them to buy off the registry, but it would be nice if they could help us not get stuff we don’t need, but help us have an amazing time on our honeymoon, or help us with a minimoon. (We are considering a minimoon, a mini honeymoon weekend getaway just so we can have some peace to ourselves.  THAT would be useful.

What did you do about registries?


3 Responses to “Wedding gift registries: my reservations”

  1. stef May 18, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    I’m going to quote what my friends’ recent invitation said at the bottom. He’s American with a smaller family, and she’s Bosnian, with tons of family flying in from all over. They were in the same predicament as you (not needing any more stuff, and her culture’s custom gives money at weddings).

    “In lieu of a wedding registry and in the spirit of Bosnian tradition, any donation towards our honeymoon would be appreciated”

    Now, I know it is traditionally considered by many to be a grave sin to mention gifts at all on the wedding invite. But practicality won out, they did it anyway, and no kittens died.

    • unhappy bride May 18, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

      LMAO this is what I need to tell Fiance. We can do what we want. No kittens died.

  2. Karen November 4, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

    You can also do an online registry at places like Highly convenient and people can shop from the comfort of their couch!

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