Another disappointment: can’t have bachelorette I wanted

11 May
Would I be out of line if I start screaming at wedding planning right now?

I spend all this time doing the bulk of it myself even though I’ve never wanted to from the BEGINNING when I begged and pleaded with fiance about getting a wedding planner. He said no, so all of it falls on me.  But the pounds aren’t one of the things that are falling. 

Anyway, today I walked by a poster saying DJ David Guetta is coming to town. Bells and lights went off in my head thinking it would be the perfect bachelorette party. I love dancing but haven’t been out in ages, since I last saw DJ Deadmau5 in January. Guetta is one of my favorite DJs.

I just want a day to unwind and do something I WANT to do and not worry about pleasing everyone or  things like my wedding dress arriving only week before my wedding, crazy bridezilla encounters, price gouging, rude comments or constant criticism. I don’t get this day, ever. Every single spare moment I spent on wedding stuff for our short engagement as our clock ticks.

I come home and tell fiance about my perfect bachelorette idea. He promptly reminds me that this is the same day we have to go away to Catholic wedding camp or the church won’t marry us. Mind you, the wedding camp isn’t out of town or anything, its only out in the suburbs, but for some reason, they demand you stay over at their facility, which includes the day Guetta is coming!

FML. We had pleaded with the wedding camp people to put us in an earlier timeslot. We didn’t want to do it so close to the wedding.  We knew we’d have 10,000 things to do, but apparently they only do it once a month and its overbooked every month. Well if you’re overbooked every single time, maybe it time you do it more often!!!

All I want is a break from wedding planning to go have fun for one night, doing something I was actually very excited about. I a lot of wedding disappointments, most importantly of all, settling on a dress I wasn’t in love with because m clock had run out. How many disappointments can I keep taking? 

Last time I went out dancing it was at a Deadmau5 show. Totally kickass, but I need a fun break from wedding planning now

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