Urge to become bridezilla rising. Either lie to me, or stop criticizing!

8 May
Does our wedding favor look cheap?

Our now fully paid for wedding favor: View from above

I am really sick of criticism.

I write this blog so I can inform people about the perilous nature of wedding planning and how it will drive you insane, but it’s also a way to vent. Free therapy.

I try not to mention my wedding stuff to people offline, but when they ask me stuff, I can’t just ignore them. I have to answer.   I tend to be unenthused. Especially when they ask me about bridesmaids.

But sometimes I’m happy about a decision and just want to share a wedding win with them. Something that I’m actually glad about that I managed to check off the list or whatever.

Our wedding favor (bomboniere in Italian) was one of these things.

I wanted something decorative but Fiance made the good point that everyone’s home decor is different. We were out of town for my friend’s wedding and saw this dish on sale. It’s lightweight and white so it goes with everything, and can work as either a candy dish or a mini-casserole or whatever. They were similar to other ones that pushy salesladies were throwing at us at a wedding price gouging store for $8 each and these were on sale for less. We bought them up and drove them home for an hour. Showed two people separately so they’re independent opinions. BOTH conversations went like this:

Unhappy Bride: “Look at this wedding favor! Isn’t it great? I’m so happy we can check it off the list.

Criticizers: “It looks like it costs $1. And $1 would be too much for that. You should have put more research into your decision.”

Thanks. I guess six months weren’t enough and now I feel great about giving these away and looking cheap.  Why can’t you just lie to me about it and make me feel better?

Wedding planning is awesome. Each day I grow more and more towards pulling my hair out, stuffing my face to obesity, or running off to Niagara Falls to get married and just leaving this all behind. But as this stuff continues, I start identifying the bridezillas I’ve constantly poked fun at in this blog. How can you listen to constant criticism, and grapple with people only out to make your life harder, or price gouge you, with more examples here, here and here and NOT want to scream like a bridezilla?

Here's a picture of it from the side


EDIT: Thanks to the lovely tweeters @AandBEvents and @beccalowery who suggested adding a recipe and candy along with the ribbons! We plan Jordan Almonds, or wedding “Confetti” an Italian tradition that represents  health, happiness, long life, fertility and prosperity.

4 Responses to “Urge to become bridezilla rising. Either lie to me, or stop criticizing!”

  1. J (Sparkly Love) May 8, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

    I think the dishes are nice! How do you plan on presenting them? Could you include a recipe for something they could make with love? I think if they are wrapped with nice ribbon and a cool idea for something they could do with them once they get home, they are perfect. I like that it is different and actually USEFUL! I mean how many coasters can I really fit in my house?

    • unhappy bride May 9, 2011 at 12:12 am #

      Thanks for the recipe suggestion! We plan Jordan Almonds (candied almonds or “confetti”). My parents are from Italy so when I was a kid we’d go to weddings there and there would always be a little bag of these almonds wrapped up with the favours. They were a treat we’d only get once evey few years so I always savoured them and longed for them at my own wedding some day! And I figured the dish would be useful. Fiance wanted coasters but I’m not going to give people something that not even I would use lol! We’ve already bought some pretty satin ribbons to do up some wrapping.

  2. Devin May 9, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    Thank you for the link! I really do think just personalizing them a bit is the trick. And as I said before, I think those people are confusing “cheap” with “simple/practical”. 🙂

  3. ChicagoFriend May 12, 2011 at 11:10 am #

    Simple, classy, and versatile! I think they’re perfect! Knowing how much thought went into them makes them even better!

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