Cake tasting = at least one wedding win

7 May

Supposedly France’s “villainous” Queen Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake”  after someone complained that peasants were so poor they couldn’t afford bread. That comment was supposedly one of the “screw yous” to peasants that pissed them off enough to have a revolution and cut off her head. Whether she actually made that statement is historically debated. But what will never be debated in the history of the world is that cake = yum.

So from this day forward let’s give “let them eat cake” a whole new meaning of delicious joy for everyone. We’ve bought a wedding cake, and boy was it a fun process.

We went to this bakery that specializes in wedding cakes, and they literally brought out plates and plates full of cake. Continuously. As much as you could stuff in your face. We tried vanilla, strawberry, banana, peach, coffee, hazelnut, and on and on. The selection never ended.

That’s a picture of the cake we’ve ordered. In cafe latte flavor. Fiance (aka: coffee fiend) is pretty happy about it.

That was a whole better experience than the Italian bakery that stuffed us in their windowless back office and showed us pictures of cakes from the 80s and said they couldn’t do anything more than one tier without a layer of styrofoam in between…if this other place can do it, why can’t you? Just saying. And seriously, $200 delivery? The cake from the specialist place is cheaper and they’ll come and fix it if someone drops it before dinner time!

Wedding cake shopping is a pretty sweet experience.


2 Responses to “Cake tasting = at least one wedding win”

  1. J (from Sparkly Love) May 8, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

    OMG haha I think I sat in that back room at the Italian Bakery. I was terrified by the photos and the cakes all around the room that were covered in dust and cracked and I’m pretty sure have been there since my mom was married. I am pretty jealous that you found a place that let you try so many flavors though! The place we ended up going with had us request flavors ahead of time and made mini cakes of our requested flavors that we got to take home afterward. The first two flavor selections were free and the additional flavors cost money. Luckily we had been to a wedding she had done before and already had a great idea of what we wanted. So glad you found a cake you both love, it’s definitely one of the most fun parts of wedding planning!!

    • unhappy bride May 9, 2011 at 12:14 am #

      Hmmm weird they’d make you pay for it, but good that you got to take it home. These guys do a “tasting day” every Saturday and just cook up a batch of a whole bunch of flavors and then pass them around. Good thing that you had tried them before though. Thinking about that Italian bakery still scares me hahaha.

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