Too funny: Royal Wedding frowning flower girl

30 Apr

This doesn't even need words. LOL suffices.


I’m tired but had to blog this last one before going to bed.

Saw a photo of William and Kate kissing and then this little flower girl frowning like a troll diverted my attention.  It’s freaking hilarious. Grace Van Cutsem is 3 and is Prince William’s goddaughter. It seems like the hysteria in the crowd outside Buckingham Palace was too much for her little, sensitive ears. What a contrast to the other smiling flower girl in the photo! I think their official title is “bridsmaids” though.

I went back to the original site where I saw ths photo and they had cropped the kid out. Why would you crop out pure, unscripted comic gold! 

Me loves the photoshopping Grace into other, unrelated photos! Watch out, Donald Trump might fire her.

This link gives a good rundown of the online chatter about the now infamous kid. There’s now even a caption contest on Huffington post.

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