Your Royal Wedding verdict?

29 Apr

What did you think about Kate Middleton’s the new Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding  dress?

I liked it overall, but thought the deep V looked a little weird. Her dress looks a lot like mine actually…a LOT. Take away the lace at the top and its my wedding dress. I’m kinda sad about it.  Especially because I searched for months to find it and now they’re going to be mass produced.

But I think Kate’s dress looks a lot more like the dresses of Grace Kelly and Ivanka Trump before her. If you can afford a custom made Alexander McQueen wedding dress Kate Middleton, you can afford to get something that is more you, you know?

I’ll post later when I’ve watched the entire thing, but let me know what you thought of the Royal Wedding.

And funny how even though The Royal Wedding is over, we’re still talking about it. Because of the overkill.

What did you think?

I woke up at abot 6:30 a.m. bleary-eyed  and watched them exchange vows for 3 minutes, then went back to sleep. Boy, did Kate Middleton and Prince William seem unhappy. Not a smile during that exchange of one ring. I know you agree because I got some Google hits from that search term. Maybe Wills and Kate were just sick of all this planning and huge guest list. I know I am.

I am witholding  judgement on the royal wedding though because I didn’t see the whole thing, and especially not that second kiss everyone is talking about. If you live in Canada, Global will air a rerun of the Royal Wedding at 9 p.m. tonight.

If you can’t wait, the video above hah a one minute Royal Wedding highlight reel.

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