Kate Middleton at a hotel and Prince William has to work through wedding rehearsal?

29 Apr

OMGWTF BBQ!!!!!  Only two hours until the Royal Wedding coverage begins!

Kate is staying at the fancy Goring hotel, the day before her wedding?!


You’d think she’s from a loaded family and was marrying into a royal family or something.

Wait…. Yeah. This isn’t a surprise. Thanks for the breaking news there.

But what IS surprising? Prince William couldn’t even get out of work to attend his own wedding rehearsal!? Isn’t he supposed to be the King, (AKA boss) of England one day? He should learn to put his foot down. Or maybe he’s annoyed with the royal wedding overkill too lol!

Anyway, I’m not staying up until 3 a.m. to watch it. I actually have to WORK tomorrow. Besides, it’s going to be all over every channel, website, magazine and poster for the next 2 months. I’m sure I’ll be exposed to it at some point Friday. I do want to see her dress though, but I’m sure I’ll turn on the morning show and it’ll be all they’re talking about.

Especially because I have to go to a hotel (for work) that will be wrapping up a royal wedding viewing party breakfast by the time I get there.

Besides the TV stations are doing royal wedding reruns at 9 p.m., I’ll just watch it on MY time.

Merry sleep and cheerio and all that, my peeps! Don’t lose too much sleep over something that will be on mega loop the entire day!

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