Toning down the crazy at the wedding dress store

24 Apr

Too many bridesmaids. Finding the bride is like playing Where's Waldo. No one needs this many people with them at the wedding dress store. (Photo Credit: Bridalwave.TV)

Dear Bridezillas,

You are enough for bridal industry people to handle on your own. Do you really need to bring an entourage of eight bridesmaidzillas to the wedding dress/bridesmaid dress store to give everyone the death stare?

Especially when you’re not even looking at dresses for bridesmaids?!?!?!?!?!

Bridal fashion stores seriously need to restrict the number of people bridezillas can haul in with them. Especially when you’re in a small store on a crowded Easter long weekend.

At David’s Bridal yesterday, I had to tackle my way through the bridezillas and their entourages: Bridesmaids/moms/second cousins twice removed/best friend’s roommate’s sister-in-law who were holding court in the store. THREE bridezillas brought in so many people there was no space to breathe, let alone a place for my mom to try on her mother of the bride dress, and God forbid I try on a veil or shoes.

These bridesmaidzillas need to learn to move when you say “excuse me” instead staring people down for having the nerve to exist. There’s other people in the store too. Why are you giving me the death stare because they didn’t close down the whole place for you?  The nerve I have, being a paying customer too and thinking I could use some space to try the merchandise and that you would stay within your area. My money obviously isn’t as good enough as the cash they’re using for that $200 polyester wedding dress.

I would’ve taken a picture of this zoo to show you, but I feared for my safety.

Brides: You can tone down the crazy by not bringing in so many enablers to lay it on extremely thick when you show off every single dress you’re trying on. I needed a mop to sop up all the slobbery drool from these bridesmaids salivating as the brides tried on dress after dress.

You know who I brought with me when I was buying my dress? My mom. That’s it. We sure got a lot more time in the store and respect, took up less space, and didn’t have to deal with 10092834824 different opinions. Buying a wedding dress is confusing enough. You don’t need other people confusing you with their different tastes.

And if you want to show your friends your dress, of course that’s fine, but narrow it down to a few final choices and then take them. For heavens sake don’t take them to your first appointment! And don’t take every acquaintance you’ve ever met.

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