Bouquet toss or not?

22 Apr

I have a personal loathing of the bouquet toss. Check out these crazies fighting over one.

I am one of the last of my friends to get married. I really wanted to get married years ago, but couldn’t because fiance lived in another country,so  the bouquet toss at other weddings pissed me off. It only reminded me of how unhappy I was that we had wanted to get married for years. Sometimes before my friends who ACTUALLY WERE getting married even met.

And people nudging me up to go catch the bouquet pissed me off even more.

I’d never run after the bouquet if the bride threw it too hard and I never tried to grab it out of someone’s hands.(Unlike these crazy women in this Youtube video that destroyed the thing. Scroll to 1:27. Or this one. Scroll to 41 seconds. There’s way too many of these on Youtube.)

When I had to catch the bouquet, I really just stood in the back, hiding behind the one other woman trying to catch it, and hoping no one else could see me dying of embarassment over being expected to chase after this thing I really don’t want and am likely allergic to anyway.

Most of my friends in relationships are now married. But some are single or have boyfriends who clearly have no interest changing their relationship status. Some of these women are happy. Others are bitter.

Do I really want to do a bouquet toss and put my unmarried friends through the same feelings I had?

Fiance says that everyone else put me through it, so I should just share the love. I don’t think it’s nice.

I like how Kate Middleton is going to be leaving her bouquet at a tomb for the unknown soldier. But we don’t have a lot of those around here.

I’ve also heard about alternatives like doing a teddy bear toss or playing some kind of game and physically giving the bouquet to the winner. No crazies.  Now to discuss this with fiance. And don’t even get me started on the sexist tradition of the garter toss.

What kind of bouquet toss substititions have you seen before?

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