You spend $10Gs to get to our wedding, I’ll buy you an extra dinner

16 Apr

There should be a rule:

You cross an ocean, several timezones, and spend $10 grand getting your entire family to Canada so you can come to our wedding.

The least we can do is buy you an extra dinner.

These are the final words I used in an argument to convince fiance that we should invite out of town guests to our rehearsal dinner, which his parents are paying for. He doesn’t think its fair for his parents to pay for my family and friends.

Ouch. We’re all family now, but apparently there’s a hierachy, and we never asked them to pay anyway. Anyway, we are spending a ton of money on expensive guest meals and open bar the next night, so I told him we can go to a cheap and cheerful place similar to Outback Steakhouse or something (Outback has ditched Canada but there’s similar ones), but his parents want something more upscale. Fiance doesn’t want his parents to pay for my out of town guests. So now I am stuck paying for a more expensive meal for all these people, because a cheaper place “isn’t good enough.”

How do we convince them to go to the cheaper place, if I, personally, am paying for about a third of the people there?

We are in Toronto. All his people are local. People from my side are coming from: France, Italy, Switzerland, Vancouver and California.  Do you know how much money these wonderful people are spending just to celebrate with us?

It isn’t really so horrible if we spend an extra $50 each out of our own pocket so they can get fed an extra time.

Anyway, I pointed out how I am not getting a whole lot that I want out of this wedding, and he is getting most. Among this, we picked registry items he liked,  photographer he liked, I have to pick bridesmaids I don’t want, and I couldn’t find anything that remotely looked like the wedding dress of my dreams. That’s what really makes me so sad when I think about this whole wedding. So holy geez, please let me have this one so I can see all my family and friends a little longer.

So we’re trying to find a rehearsal dinner place near our church, but its been hard. It’s in a nice neighbourhood, but the restaurants don’t really serve this purpose. They don’t have private rooms and are really small, or they have icky food (from previous experience).

I even asked the experts at Chowhound, who also lamented that there are no nice restaurants in the area. Our search continues to a few neighbourhoods over, where we will try a Quebecois food and crepe restaurant and some places in Greektown. Imagine having savoury crepes at rehearsal dinner! That would be special.

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