Which wedding favor would you want?

10 Apr

So we’re looking for wedding favors, or bomboniere as we say in Italian.

These can be notoriously sucky. Sometimes guests don’t even bother taking them home and just leave them on the tables. (BTW. That’s really rude. The couple spent a lot of time choosing the favor and spent $10Gs feeding and liquoring you up. The least you can do is take it home and deal with it later.)

So to not waste money, let’s find something no one will leave behind.

Fiance likes these coasters.

I think they’re pretty, but as someone who would never use coasters in her life, I can see this being stashed in a drawer forevermore. Especially with the word LOVE on capslock all over them.

I like these Venetian masks. They’re pretty and people can display them in their home or give it to their kids to play with. They’re about the size of your palm.

These lanterns are pretty too and people can put it in their garden or patio

And I really like this kettle egg timer, which is both vintage-retro-cute, AND practical…except so many appliances have built in timers nowadays.

This candle is soft and romantic, but who really uses them?. And even though they are expensive (you know, wedding markup), I think we’d look cheap if we give each couple a candle that looks like it could’ve come from the dollar store.

And I know I was baffled about the hoopla over the Royal Wedding, but this post about it has some ok favor ideas too.

Leave a comment and tell us which ones you’d like.


2 Responses to “Which wedding favor would you want?”

  1. cris of kiss my tulle April 10, 2011 at 11:13 pm #

    If I had to pick from the above, I’d go with the lanterns since they seem to be the least taste specific and the most usable. However, remember that you DO NOT have to even have favors. This is not traditional – it is OPTIONAL. I have never attended a wedding and thought, “Damn! They stiffed me on a wedding favor! shitheads.”

    That being said, in my opinion, the best wedding favors are those that are edible, plantable, or charitable. Anything that can be eaten is always going to be popular (something cool, and unique only to the region of Canada you are in would be cool). Anything that can be planted is usually well received, too (but not a good idea if lots of guests are from out of the country [customs]). Lastly, I always love it when couples (instead of physical favors) make a donation to a favorite charitable orgainzation in the wedding’s name. This is simple to do and you can slip a note on each place setting to let guests know.

    One last thing, remember that if most of your guests will be traveling via airplane – any bulky or heavy favor WILL NOT be appreciated. These days, most guests are flying and only taking a carry-on so any favor that takes up too much space or is a bitch to lug around will just get left behind.

    Good luck!

  2. wedding favor March 12, 2015 at 3:42 am #

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