A (relatively) wedding junkless weekend is good for the soul

27 Mar

I’ve been whining to fiance for a few weeks that I needed a break from wedding junk. Just a few days to relax from the non-stop phonecalls for a last minute ceremony location, because “I” made every single call alone.

So yesterday we went to Best Buy, bought the Blues Brothers, and spent the night laughing at over-the-top car chases from the 1980s. hahahah. We’ve been meaning to watch it since we saw the original Blues Brothers car at a car museum in rural Illinois, and fiance was mortified that I had never seen the movie before. I really liked it. Here’s a link to one of those police chases, with captions, to show how ridiculous filming this movie was. The really funny part starts at 1:50.

So the wedding-free weekend continues tonight. I bought fiance tickets to see his favorite comedian Jeff Foxworthy for his birthday. Red neck humor isn’t really my thing, but we always have fun together.

I am sad that I couldnt’ see my friends this weekend, who I miss. Fiance has since caught the bronchitis I had post-flu, and one of my friends is pregnant and I want to stay waaay far to avoid infecting her.

Even though we finalized invitation details, it’s so nice to have a relatively wedding-free weekend.

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