Not unhappy: a nice call from soon-to-be mother in law

26 Mar

So I’ve got something to be happy about!

Saw my soon-to-be mother in law on the weekend and she asked about the designer and style number for my wedding dress. She just called me today to say that she had a look at it on the computer and that she really liked it and she’s excited for me.

How nice is that?! She said she made sure that fiance wouldn’t see the picture, hahaha.

It made me feel better on a day when I was feeling pretty down over all the tiny details we still have to do for the wedding too. Like wedding photo permits…they don’t put that on any of the wedding checklists so the whole ‘you’re checking junk off your list and making progress’ actually ends up being a big fat lie.

Anyway, hopefully she ends up thinking that I look better in my dress than the model haha.

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