We offer you money. Why aren’t you calling us back?

17 Mar

I really wish we had skipped a whole wedding and just lived happily ever after.

Finding a new ceremony location is a nightmare.

We’ve called a total of 16 places. They include: garden, mansion, museums, churches of multiple religions, an old church with is now no longer religious, banquet hall, university, wedding chapel, restaurant.

Two days later, we’ve only heard back from five. Only the highest business sense and courtesy here.

Responses include:

– We’re booked
– “There’s a camp with kids running around next door that will ruin your wedding”
– We’re too small
– No chairs allowed
– We won’t do ceremonies unless you have your reception here too

All this while we continue to hound our priest to see if he is around. Got a hold of his secretary. Told her the problem. Her response. “You should have done this a year ago” and come to church on Sunday. I work Sundays…

Even though we’ve been trying to call him for four months. WE were the ones that should’ve done this sooner. Annoying couple who wants to actually get married in your religion that people are quitting strikes again!!!

Funny because I just looked up the Archdiocese website and it mentions nothing of any waiting period at all. My new ammunition. Someone is lying.


4 Responses to “We offer you money. Why aren’t you calling us back?”

  1. Jennifer (peachbride) March 17, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    Oh boy…I know how you feel. It sucks sometimes. I called my church once to confirm an appointment and was met with the response of “if you have an appointment, you have an appointment.” Um…ok. We ended up sitting in the waiting room for 45 minutes and had to leave because RP had to go back to work. If that place is telling you that you should have started sooner, I’d say try somewhere else if at all possible. I hope you find your perfect place soon! If all else fails, our go to idea was “we should have gone to disney world”.
    (Wow, sorry for the longest comment ever!)

    • unhappybride March 17, 2011 at 7:38 pm #

      We’ve tried three other churches and they’ve all said no. What makes me so mad is the fact that they SAID it was ok four months ago, then vanish. WTF is that? Just say no in the first place and don’t jeopardize our wedding. Thanks for the best wishes!!

  2. rae April 8, 2011 at 4:23 pm #

    We were so fed up with all this crap that I actually called the zoo, asking if they’d have a problem with 4-6 of us standing in a corner for 5-10 minutes while exchanging vows. No chairs. No decorations. No music. They said we’d be required to pay $200 to rent their wedding venue whether we wanted it or not.


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