Ceremony plan is screwed. Do you have to be a jerk too?

14 Mar

Sometimes a song says everything you need to say. Ha!

So remember our priest is missing?

Now we’re scrambling to find an alternate location for our ceremony so we can order our invitations and mail them.

Of course, as I predicted, every other location we’ve considered so far is BOOKED but we’re going down the list. Coworker suggested the United Church. They accept everyone. I went to two United Churches today. Locked.

My mom suggests our neighbour who is an Anglican minister. We might ask him to do it, but he’s been very sick so probably not a good idea.

Anyway, here’s a business tip to people dealing with disappointed/annoyed/stressed/screwed couples:

When someone calls you with “OMG my venue screwed me, people say you’re great. Are you available on this day?” Don’t laugh at me when you tell me you’re full. How do you confuse panic and frustration with a joke? How is our problem funny? We put down a lot of money for this wedding. We can’t delay it.

Telling me that my 20 minute ceremony at 2 p.m. would anger the bride coming in at 4 p.m. is not helping. Telling me that that bride would “stomp her feet” if you dared even ask her to allow such a horrible thing is worse. Just say you’re full. That’s it.

At least she can have a ceremony at all!!

So Berkley Church venue dude, after you laugh at my geniune stress, when I am being 1,000% serious, do you really think I’ll take your suggestion of holding our wedding in your garden?  And you think I’d pay $1,700 for it? You’re crazy. Please watch the above video.

2 Responses to “Ceremony plan is screwed. Do you have to be a jerk too?”

  1. Kelly Cummings March 14, 2011 at 8:05 pm #

    My bridezilla moments were involving reserving our date at the church my husband grew up in. His birthday is 7.7, mine is 9.9, so CLEARLY our date had to be 8.8, a SATURDAY and double digits and so perfect. Of course not. That wedding had been booked for over a year and they wouldn’t let me sneak my little old wedding in during any part of the day because it would interfere with the florist. I flipped out at the coordinator (poor woman) and was all in tears. They also shattered my dreams of 10.10 and we ended up getting married in three crazy parts, none of which on a double digit day.

    I should probably not post this under my real name since it exposes how crazy I was as a bride. But, it’s the truth. I became more flexible and my life got easier for a bit. Oh, until I was without a photographer ~2 months before our first part of the wedding and ~4 months until the big part (we got married and had a blessing and reception later). Pretty much everyone around town was booked. I cried a lot when I was planning my wedding.

    Have any of the places you’ve called given you recommendations? Or maybe you can call a Seminary and ask for a recommendation?

    • unhappybride March 14, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

      Yeah the booked places have recommended others, which have been full. But this guy I blogged about just laughed at me when I asked for an alternate suggestion which is why I put the whole WTF. Why can’t he just say “we’re booked, sorry we couldn’t help.” No, he had to laugh at us. It’s not a joke when you’re spending thousands. All I did was ask if he could help us because we’re in a mess and he literally laughed.

      We are not demanding anything. We were flexible on the dates. We ended up having to get one before my birthday, which I wasn’t happy about (here’s one gift. Happy birthday and anniversary. Promotes laziness. My brother’s birthday is near Xmas, he gets the same).

      I sucked up the crappy date on a Friday because both the church and banquet hall we wanted were available and we didn’t have to wait a year. Now we’ve put down all this banquet hall money and can’t even get a church that was promised! And now we have to start with a new location from scratch. Our European guests will get their invitations once the wedding is over. That’s what’s annoying. Why did the church string us along for four months? Just tell us no right away and we wouldn’t have put down all this money and would’ve kept looking elsewhere for a date that we would’ve liked much better. This stuff costs money!

      I don’t think I’m being a bridezilla because I want someone to keep up their end of an agreement. That’s common courtesy. Especially when it is crucial to an event where someone is spending thousands of dollars. If we had known the church would say no, we could have gone to other places before and spent less and found availability.

      Bridezilla is all “me, me, me.” I think we’ve been plenty flexible with this whole issue (waiting 4 months without complaining is being pretty accomodating). We don’t even care what kind of location it is anymore! We just want something that fits everyone.

      I’m actually waiting for a priest who is a friend of my cousin to call us back and see what he can do.

      I haven’t cried yet. Not going to let these people win. It’s not worth it.

      Just have to keep focused on the positives once this whole thing is over. 🙂

      We’ll be happy and though it sucks right now, that’s all that really matters. And in hindsight, we wouldn’t get married at all. Money’s paid, too late now!

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