Who knew we’d love wedding invitations?

13 Mar

So we’ve picked wedding invitations we think will show people our wedding will be both fresh and elegant at the same time. We like how they look totally different from the pocket fold invites that everyone seems to send out right now.

We both have computer jobs, so we really don’t use a lot of paper in our daily lives.

We thought we’d just order the cheapest invitations we could find, because we don’t care about paper.

But once we received samples from the Wedding Paper Divas website, we suddenly got excited about sending them. You have to pay $1 each for samples, but spending $1 is saving us tons in the long run. They look great, different, and the paper is so luxurious.

Local vendors here are selling run-of-the-mill invites for $8 each!!! That’s $400 total.

The website is selling invites for about $3.50 each. We save $225 and we prefer these a lot more to the same-old-same-old patterns.

The one complaint we have is that for this particular design, we have to cram info into the small border, which is not expandable.

If you’d like to buy invites from the site, I’ve got a $20 off coupon for Wedding Paper Divas . Full disclosure: this site claims to give me some kind of referral bonus, but it hasn’t given me anything, even though I know at least one person has actually used the coupon code, so who knows.

The ridiculous reason preventing us from cementing our ceremony time, and therefore, buying these gorgeous invites is coming up in the next post.

2 Responses to “Who knew we’d love wedding invitations?”

  1. weddingberry March 13, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

    The title of your blog nearly made me laugh out loud. I was a bride just like you, not really understanding why we had to do certain things but doing them for the sake of “tradition”. It seems like you’re doing well though!

    • unhappybride March 13, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

      you are my new best friend! Thanks for the encouragement

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