Just because it’s my wedding doesn’t mean you can be rude

28 Feb

Would you ever call anyone fat to their face? Or criticize their taste? Or bring up your assumptions on their sexual history?

For some reason, when it comes to weddings, people think these are ok.

Note to everyone: When it comes to weddings, you can’t say whatever you want.

Some examples collected from my own experiences and heard from friends

1. To woman who had just lost 15 lbs before her dress fitting: You got fat.

2. Your engagement ring is small or ugly

3. If your ring was smaller or cheaper, you would probably like it better. You obviously have bad taste

4. Older lady: They don’t make white dresses anymore because women aren’t little virgins anymore like we were in our generation

5. Get out of my store

6. You look like a princess

7. It’s out of your budget. (I haven’t even told you what my budget is. And if I couldn’t afford it, I wouldn’t come in asking for your advertised special where the price is clearly labelled).

Not to mention vendors who will only talk to either the bride or the groom and completely ignore the other one who is standing right there.

And a few that aren’t rude, just ridiculous, and I like bringing them up because I can:

1. We need a down payment of 75 per cent

2. Get the $1,000 lights or you’ll be eating in darkness

3. You look great in that

4. Just buy a dress already, even if you don’t like it

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