You’ve got the bridal show. Where’s the groom show?

21 Feb

Here is the first in a series of guest blogs from Fiance! He had so much to say, I had to break up his complaints into a bunch of entries!

This is actually from a garden show. I didn't have a wide shot of a wedding show, but they pretty much look like this anyway

There are so many blogs, articles, and other propaganda about weddings. It’s because the wedding industry is huge. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $24,070, and with 2.08 million people there getting married this year, that’s over $50 billion in the US alone.

Now, I’m a guy, so instantly I’m thinking of lots of ways I’d rather spend $24,000. Just think: you could buy 24,000 McDoubles, or 48 iPads. But you want to do the right thing and have a wonderful wedding for your new fiancée. After all, you’ve bought the nice ring, so you may as well continue to ride the wedding bandwagon and attend a bridal show. But hey, wait a minute….why is it called the “bridal” show? Last time you checked it required a bride and a groom to get married…so where is the groom show?

Sorry there chief but I don’t think you’re going to find one. At least be fair and call it a wedding show. It seems everything in the wedding industry is targeted towards the bride….and this entry has me thinking “why is that?” Not only is it discriminatory, it’s downright wrong.

One of the shows my fiancee went to had free admission for brides, but what about the grooms? Well they had to pay $15 to get in. I of course didn’t go because of the pure principle. Apparently there wee only two men in the entire place.

And what’s the deal with having to pay to go to a “bridal” show anyway? You are there to pick vendors like banquet halls, photographers, cakes and DJs, so why do you have to pay to talk to someone who you might end up giving money to later?

It’s like paying to walk in a mall, or having a cover charge at Walmart. Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand that the show’s organizers have to make money, and they probably have to pay to rent the venue, etc. But they’re already making money from vendors who rent space at the show. Let them pay when they rent a booth or igloo or whatever they need. And maybe that will mean I’ll have to pay a little bit more when we get a chocolate chandelier, but at least I’m getting something out of the deal. Instead you have to pay anywhere between $10 and $25 to just get into a show to talk to vendors, only so you can walk out with brochures and they can collect your personal information and constantly call you back about their “contest.” And of course when they call they’ll tell the bride-to-be (because again, like the groom gets to win anything) that she has won something special. The kind of special you win where you get a “free” trip to Las Vegas to hear a guy talk about a timeshare. And of course everyone “wins” the same prize…nuts.

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