A silly wedding and engagement ring “quiz”

20 Feb

Apparently my ring reflects my personality. Even though I didn't choose it.

Stumbled upon this link to some wedding quiz. But when you look at it, it actually has no questions at all, so its not really a quiz.

It’s called “what your engagement ring says about you.”

There seems to be a whole bunch of other pseudo-psychology wedding analysis links online like:

What does your wedding dress say about you
What your wedding colors say about you
What your wedding song says about you
What does your wedding date say about you
What do your wedding invitations say about you

Do you really need to analyze this stuff? How about you just pick what you like and be happy.

You know what my engagement ring says about me? Nothing, because I didn’t choose it. And I sure don’t know a whole lot of women who chose their own.

How does the style of your ring reflect the type of wedding you’ll have and the type of man you’re marrying? That link seems to think it does.

If you have a square engagement ring, apparently it means your fiance treats you like a princess. And your marquise cut rings means that he puts you on a pedestal. A heart shaped stone means you don’t think less is more.

Anyway, my round stone means I am marrying my best friend. Aren’t there a lot of people who say that? I guess they all have round stoned rings. These blurbs are all as vague and universal as horoscopes.

I understand if you want to have some sort of fun quiz for the guests at the actual wedding, but these pseudo-psychology things are just plain made up. No science, and what would science do with time-wasting wedding stuff like this?

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