Bridezilla stampede at Filene’s Basement

19 Feb

So some brides sharpened their claws, put on their war gear, and trampled over people to get into a war zone the Filene’s Basement running of the brides supersale in New York today.

They say they can get $10,000 dresses for $500. But you gotta run from the bridezilla stampede. Look at the video above. It turns into something that looks kind of like a riot at 1:30.

Do you believe some of these people go there with entourages, a strategy, and trade up their dress kitty for more? And a bridezilla-in-training bought a dress and doesn’t even have a boyfriend…If she’s like that now, I don’t want to see her when she’s choosing invitations.

But sales like this aren’t worth it. Here’s why.

#1: The $10,000 dresses actually look worse than the cheaper ones. Believe me. I’ve tried them.

#2 I don’t want people gouging my eyes out so I can get a dress that is 5 sizes too big and will cost a fortune in alterations.

#3 Sample sales have old, ugly stuff. I went to one of those convention centre sample sales from one of the biggest bridal boutiques in town. The dresses looked like something Courtney Cox/Monica Gellar would have worn on “Friends” circa 1992. WAY out of style, faded yellow, damaged, and size 18+. If you want to do a sample sale, go to one at an independent store, not those warehouse madness things.

#4 You have strip down in front of strangers. And if you go to one of these high-profile sales, you gotta do that in front of TV cameras. Remember that guy who used to wave at you creepily when you’d walk by his house on your way home from school? He’s now got a shot of you in your bra on his TiVo.

#5 What’s the point in getting a $3,000 dress for $500 if you’ve gotta deal with all of the above?

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