Ken and Barbie: Together again!

15 Feb

I met Barbie’s boyfriend today. Three perfectly posed, non-plasticized versions of him.

Real-life Ken Dolls were outside the subway today, to let the whole world know that Ken and Barbie are back together for Valentine’s Day. In case you forgot, Barbie had a fling 7 years ago with some surfer dude who no one remembers. She threw away 43 years of Ken’s love and devotion on some random dude!

The Kens at the station told me they’ve been spending the last 7 years moping. They passed hours making thousands of “I love Barbie” buttons and chillin’ with G.I. Joe. (At least they learned how to karate-chop with immovable arms). They did everything they could to get Barbie back, even getting a makeover, and are so happy now that they did.

Anyway, the Kens are super excited now that Barbie is back in their life. They’re shouting their newly re-ignited relationship from the rooftops.

And the bus shelters.

And the newspapers.

As Ken #1 said: “we may be plastic, but our love is real.”

I do have to say, it was pretty cute hearing them all call each other Ken and referring to passing women as “dolls.” And in true Ken fashion, they were gentlemen, even helping women step out of the life-sized Ken doll box.

Anyway, Ken and Barbie only got back together yesterday, so they’re not even close to getting married, but I still thought this was worthy to mention on this wedding blog.

They may not be married, but if Ken and Barbie could get over an indiscretion seven years ago to find their love stronger than ever, why can’t human beings made of flesh and blood do the same?

Glad that Ken and Barbie are teaching little girls and adults about the importance of forgiveness in relationships.


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