Throwing ice or snowballs?! Avoiding a bride bloodbath

11 Feb

This Bridezilla takes it to a whole other level!

Can’t believe I forgot to mention this one. It happened the day I bought my dress. I guess I was too excited.

So the store was having a sample sale (mine’s not a sample, but it was crowded because of that). People were hovering around everything.

But off to the side, away from the dresses, were three garment bags. The contents were obviously not for sale. Sure they didn’t have a sign, but they were in opaque garment bags with the store’s logo on them, versus the clear bags the floor samples were in. I don’t even know how this crazy lady even saw them there.

So nutso woman wanders off into this off-limits area. Saleslady sees her and politely says “sorry, those dresses are already paid for.” Bridezilla gets mad, says “you should take them off the floor blah blah blah.” Yeah because leaving them in a corner in garment bags that are clearly different makes them fair game. There sure wasn’t a lot of space to remove them from the floor anyway.

So Bridezilla storms off in a huff, goes outside, grabs a chunk of ice and hurls it at the store window!!! Are you insane? It was thrown really hard too. Don’t know if it cracked, but lucky the window didn’t break and shatter glass in that packed store or there could’ve been a bride bloodbath. Yes, I’m exaggerating about the bloodbath, but someone could have been hurt and that’s a fact.

Queenie and her posse then drove off.

Anyway, if you act like a child because you don’t have your way over something stupid, you shouldn’t be taking an adult step and getting married. And you definitely shouldn’t raise any kids so you can teach them to be selfish and endanger others like you, psycho lady.

And what was she so mad about? There were dozens of other dresses, and she didn’t even end up seeing what was in the bags anyway!

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