Dear wedding photographer: I don’t control blizzards

2 Feb

So we hired photographers. Now they want us to control the weather.

They pressured us into agreeing on them by insisting we were running out of time and they would soon be booked. Everyone else in the wedding industry, and even brides are telling us if we don’t book our stuff in the last week of January/1st week of February, after all the wedding shows, then we will be left with slim pickings. That makes this week major stressful.

So I said ok, we’d book this photographer, even though I wasn’t truly happy with them because they rushed us when we first met with them and didn’t really show us their portfolio. We were supposed to head there tonight. But you know, there’s this huge storm consuming the continent so we told them we couldn’t come.

We’re not going to drive for two hours through two feet of snow that is covering North America to give you the deposit, sorry.

Anyway photog just emailed us to say that we have until Saturday to give them the money or they will book with someone else and we’ll be stuck looking for another photographer that will likely be booked too. Frankly, this doesn’t seem like a major loss anymore. Sorry dude, I don’t have a climate machine that covers the Western Hemisphere.

Photo credit of the U.S. and Canada under a snow storm seige goes to NASA:

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