Bad wedding dress store tries to redeem itself

1 Feb

So that store that was really rude to me left me a message trying to redeem itself in hopes of selling me a dress.

The sales girl who seemed annoyed that I was getting kicked out of the store for no reason left the message.

Quick recap: I had waited patiently for 30 mins to get in, despite having an appointment that it took a week to get. I had driven an hour to get there too. Last time they were mad that I was 15 minutes early.

Anyway Megan, the sales girl apologized profusely, saying that the supervisor who knocked on the door and said my time was up got something mixed up (she apparently only wanted the room, and not me to leave entirely).

Funny because at the time, I pointed out the other change room sitting empty and ready-to-use, and they still told me to leave.

Sales girl said she and a manager tried to chase after us once we left. That’s not true, because we hung around for a few minutes to tell the other brides what had happened, put our shoes back on, and examine mother of the bride dresses and no one came to find us. So now the store is lying to us too?

Anyway, she said they’ve kept the dress I liked on file and if I want to come back they’ll sell it to me. This place is an hour’s drive away. An hour out of my way to waste my time after I rescheduled my week to fit this appointment in it only to have you send me away? No thanks. I bought my dress yesterday and am perfectly happy that I gave my money to a business that treated me much better for it.

Anyway, that supervisor apparently is now in some kind of trouble for kicking out a customer for no reason. At least that is what the sales girl said. It’s too bad because the sales girl was nice and I really had no problem with her at all, but now she doesn’t get a sale because her coworker is awful, awful, awful.

It was the only one out of the eight dress stores that treated us rudely. The only problem I had with another store was sales pressure to buy, but at least they were courteous about it.

2 Responses to “Bad wedding dress store tries to redeem itself”

  1. Rae February 23, 2011 at 10:55 pm #

    Yeah, how about the place that refused to get a dress down for me because I “would never fit into it”?

    • unhappybride February 24, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

      One store I went to said their rival store next door told bigger girls they had “nothing that would fit them” but I thought she was only telling people that so that so they wouldn’t go to her competitor. I didn’t think stores actually said that to people. I hope you found a better store that treated you right and you found a dress you love. I can’t believe it. I had to pick my jaw off the floor when I read your comment.

      One of my friends went to an alteration session with her bride friend. She had lost like 15 pounds since her previous fitting but the store had screwed up with the measurements. They told her she “got fat.”

      You wouldn’t call people “fat” in any other situation, so why do you think it is ok to say it to a bride?

      When I have enough comments, I’m going towrite a post about all the stupid stuff people think they can say when it comes to weddings that they would never, ever say in every day life.

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