Ads for mermaid wedding gowns deceive

1 Feb

I like mermaid gowns. They’re the kind of dress that is tight in the top, all the way down past the hip. Then it flares out at the bottom. But they don’t look good on everyone.

I think that’s why is it so hard to find a picture of a model standing up straight in a mermaid shaped gown.

They’re always leaning

Pronovias Agueda


 or standing crooked

Alfred Angelo 2043

 or sitting.

Youlin Y177

 I think they’re trying to mask something because when they’re walking or standing straight, it makes rail thin models look fatter in the hips.

Mermaids look fine on me too if I stand crooked. But I’m not going to develop scoliosis from leaning weird for an entire day to look good in my wedding dress. Probably hard to dance that way or have a good time too.

Model standing crooked while wearing Enzoani Fifi

I’m sure if the models stand up straight it won’t look as good.

Ines Di Santo Sandrine. Looks like a sausage casing

See what I mean?

 Just make the models stand the way normal people stand and brides wouldn’t have to waste their time trying on dresses that already look bad on the model.

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