How a crinoline saved my life. Bought a wedding dress!

31 Jan

So as you may know, I had to buy a wedding dress today or it would not come in time for my wedding in July.

I was kind of sad about it. I was buying this dress because I had to get something, not because I was awestruck by it.

Anyway, my mom today in a stroke of genius suggested I try it on with a puffier crinoline. (A crinoline is a kind of underskirt made of tulle to make the skirt stick out more).

So we head to the dress store and sit and wait for an hour because we didn’t have an appointment. I was ok with this though, because I wanted to see if there was any way to be happy with it before I put down money.

What bothered me about the dress was how it kind of sank in on itself at the sides, which make it look like my hips are much bigger than they are. But when I tried it on with a huge crinoline, the part that bothered me vanished.

I was sold. I only wish someone had recommended the puffier crinoline sooner, and I would’ve avoided the eight dress stores in three months.

Unbonus: Had to put down all but $400 as a deposit.

Bonus: store was having 15% off!

So looks like there’s something this Unhappy Bride has to be happy about.

Anyway, I’d post a photo, but fiance reads this blog, so I can’t!

Regardless, I’ve still got a lot of beefs about the wedding industry, and some manufacturers, and will be sure to keep posting about them as I get more time.


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