Why does no one smile in wedding photos?

30 Jan

Maybe its just me, but a lot of my Facebook friends who post their wedding photos are NOT smiling in them.

Why are you so serious? You should be happy you will spend your life with a person you love (and all your wedding planning junk is over)!

I remember growing up in the 80s and seeing pictures of serious models. I remember actually wiping smiles off my face when I saw a camera pointed at me because that’s what I thought everyone was supposed to do, since the models did it.

There are no childhood pictures of me smiling, and I regret that, because it makes me think that I had a bad childhood, which I didn’t at all. That doesn’t happen anymore. Good luck finding a picture of me NOT smiling.

Anyway people, I think you should smile on your wedding day, because you are happy you’re entering a different chapter in your life, with someone you love. And if that’s not a good enough incentive, you should at least try to get your money’s worth from your $3,000 photographer.

One Response to “Why does no one smile in wedding photos?”

  1. spindlephotography February 17, 2011 at 6:35 am #

    My guess is that people are too critical of their smiles to post the smiling ones. I love laughs and giggles myself.

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